Best Mattress for Sex

Updated on March 18, 2023

When it comes to sharing those intimate moments with your partner, you rarely think of a mattress as an issue. It is the least of your concerns, but little did you know that a mattress you considered best for sleeping isn’t ideal for sex. Yes, you read it right! 

It can become a hurdle in enjoying those special moments with your significant one. A lot of us shy away from this topic, but guys this is 2021, and we are all adults. Your needs and requirements should be taken care of in bed quite literally and metaphorically. 

So allow us to suggest a few ideal mattresses that are perfect for your lovemaking session followed by a sound sleep later. Trust us you won’t be disappointed.

How did we make our list?

We gathered some information by scrolling through the internet. Then, we talked to some couples and asked them about what they prefer in a mattress and why. Then, we also had a conversation with a few sex therapists who suggested us the right products. 

A google form was created by our team where people anonymously filled in their preferences. This survey played a crucial role in getting us the required information. Here are certain factors that we think are an essential part of an ideal mattress. Read on to know about them.

Factors to be considered before Buying Mattress for sex

To make this list, we considered the factors below. We assessed the following products on the basis of these factors to understand if they are suitable for your intimate moments. Read on to know about them!


By density, we mean the foam density that determines the weight and durability of the mattress. Higher the density of a mattress, the more support it provides to your body. It also adds to the longevity of the mattress. 


The foundation layer of a mattress should be thick enough to hold the foams above. This affects the durability of the mattress and provides adequate support. For couples, it is recommended to buy a mattress up to 12 inches thick for all the lovemaking and rolling. It is strong enough to handle the activity of intercourse. 


As they say, firmer the better. We often only check the softness of a mattress while purchasing one. But for sex, believe it or not, you need a firm mattress that evenly distributes your weight across the bed. You can go for a medium-firm mattress if you like. It allows minimum sagging of the mattress and is ideal for sexual intercourse. 


Do check the warranty and trial period of a mattress before making the purchase. This is recommended in case the foam gets bad or mattress tears up. Buy a mattress with a longer warranty period, this means it is durable and can handle the wear and tear. 

Now, lets’ review the options we have laid down for you. Find out which mattress is perfect for you to get laid (saw what we did there). 

A Quick Glance

Sr. NoProduct NameWarranty
1.Puffy Lux MattressLifetime
2.Nolah Signature MattressLifetime
3.PlushBeds Natural Bliss Latex Mattress 25 years
4.Idle Dunlop Latex Hybrid MattressLifetime
5.Bear Pro Mattress10 years

Best Mattress for Sex

#1 Puffy Lux Mattress

High-end luxury mattress

First on our list is the Puffy Lux mattress from Puffy, a brand that has been ranked 2021 best mattress. This one is the upgraded version of the original Puffy. To spice up your intimate nights, you can rely on a Puffy mattress. It has a 12” memory foam inside which is perfect for couples. 


The mattress associates with a light, airy feel which makes it easier for you to switch positions while having sex. You don’t have to fight the mattress amidst your intimate moments. It is a medium-firm mattress, as we mentioned above is an advantage for you. It provides good support and allows mobility. 

The mattress is ultra-comfortable and soft to touch. Forget sleeping on a cloud, you will feel like you are ‘doing it on a cloud’. We mean, how cool is that. It has considerably good edge support which doesn’t allow the mattress to sag. With this, you can make use of the whole bed including the edges. 

Puffy Lux is breathable and has a cooling effect on your body. This cooling cloud foam is the top layer of the mattress. As your body temperature rises during sex, the mattress keeps you at an optimal temperature. 

It also has the climate comfort layer that reduces sudden temperature swings. It keeps you cool and dry during the summers and delivers a warming effect during the winter. 

As it is a foam mattress, it doesn’t make any noise during the movements. With this, you don’t have to worry about the noise and can concentrate on the love making fun. 

It breaks our heart to say that Puffy Lux is recommended only for the couples who are petite and medium-sized. They put less pressure on the mattress, therefore it is an ideal mattress for them. This is also because after all the lovemaking you can have a nice and sound sleep.

Sleeping positions: It works for all kinds of sleepers: back, side, and stomach sleepers. It provides full support to your spine and takes the shape of your body while sleeping. This is done so that both you and your partner have a good night’s sleep. No compromise, just love. 

Cover: You always crave for some snacks after that amazing and tiring intercourse. The cover is stain-resistant, and you can easily wipe off the stains of your after sex cravings. The zip-and wash cover can be simply washed after long use making it as good as new. 

Warranty: Puffy Lux mattress comes with a lifetime warranty which means the manufacturers trust in its durability. That’s why they have enough faith to provide a lifetime warranty. 

And in case you are not so sure, you can have the 101 nights trial. If you are not satisfied, you can return the mattress and get a full refund. 


  • Medium-firm mattress
  • Light and airy
  • Good edge support
  • Breathable 
  • Quiet mattress
  • Stain-resistant cover
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not suitable for heavy individuals
  • High price

Bottom line

This mattress is a bit high end and ideal for those couples with no budget restraints. With the high price, it has some exceptional features that will make your intimate nights even more amazing. It is comfortable and is perfect for those who love plush beds. You will feel the pleasure as soon as you lie down on it.

Like its name, it is a luxury mattress that allows total pressure relief. The Climate Comfort layer keeps you cool and dry all the time. You won’t be all sweating during sex with this mattress. 

#2. Nolah Signature Mattress

Airfoam mattress with four comfy layers

Next on our list is the Nolah Signature mattress, a limited edition product. Nolah is known for its temperature neutral Airfoam that helps you remain all cool and breezy, both while having sex and sleeping. The 12” inch mattress is perfect for couples to enjoy their intimate moments.


The foam is composed of four layers: 2.5” soft side cooling air foam that relieves pressure and contours to your body. It also keeps you cool while having sex. Next is the 1.5” deep supportive high resilience foam that provides a little bounce to the mattress.

Then, the 7” high-density breathable base that forms the foundation of the mattress. Last is again the firm side cooling air foam that provides ample support to your body in different positions. 

All these layers come together to provide you with the best sexual experience. From a responsive bounce, cooling foam to adequate support, everything is an advantage to all you lovelorn couples. It also helps you in remaining cool while you are on the bed. The mattress is pretty responsive, so you won’t feel trapped in it.

Also, the Airfoam mattresses are 300% more durable than the memory foam ones. So, you can go for Nolah mattresses if you want a product with a longer lifespan without any sagging. Buy a mattress durable like your relationship. 

As we discussed above, it provides both medium-soft to medium-firm firmness. You can flip the mattress according to the preference of you and your partner. Also, due to the added height of the mattress, it provides good edge support and doesn’t allow the mattress to sag. 

Nolah Signature mattress is known to offer great traction for you and your partner to enjoy your private moments on. You can fulfil your wildest dreams in this mattress.

Also, it is a quiet mattress due to the foam inside. It helps in keeping your sexual activities discreet (Ssshhh). This is important especially if you have thin walls.

Sleeping positions: As for the sleeping part, when you are finally tired, you can get a good night’s sleep on the mattress. It works for all kinds of sleepers, be it side, back, or stomach sleepers. 

Cover: It comes with an organic cotton cover that is soft and keeps away moisture for you to remain cool and relaxed. Also, it is devoid of any harmful chemicals. 

Warranty: Nolah gives you a lifetime of warranty with this mattress. If any physical defects are found in the mattress, it can be easily replaced. 

The trial period is of 120 nights. If you don’t like the mattress, you can return it within this period to get a full refund. It is imperative to keep the mattress at least 30 nights before you can return it. Return is not possible before this period. 


  • Temperature neutral air foam
  • Okayish edge support
  • Sufficient bounce
  • Quiet mattress
  • Durable
  • Organic cover with no harmful chemicals


  • Cannot return it before 30 nights
  • No stain-resistant cover
  • Not suitable for heavy couples

Bottom line

Another great product with air foam that allows you to have cool and breezy fun. If you are someone who sweats a lot during sex and fear that your partner will judge you, go for this mattress. The air foam is temperature neutral and lets your body feel cool throughout. It can be a real lifesaver for you. 

The foam also stops the mattress from making noise that is normal in coil mattresses. This is important in case you have children or parents sleeping in the next room.

#3. PlushBeds Natural Bliss Mattress

Eco-friendly mattress with Talalay and Dunlop latex

Next up, we have the Natural Bliss Latex mattress from the brand PlushBeds. Owing to its name, the 8-inch mattress is pretty plush. It is going to be your new companion in bed, obviously after your partner. PlushBeds is known for its high quality and non toxic mattresses. If you and your partner believe in all vegan and no chemicals, this is the right mattress for you. 


All the PlushBeds mattresses are Green Gold Certified. This means they are free from toxic chemicals. It is composed of 5 Natural Bliss layers that are all organic, environment-friendly, and chemical-free. 

After the famous Eco Fire barrier layer, the mattress has 100% natural Talalay and Dunlop Latex layer. The Talalay latex gives the needed bounce to the mattress that is required for good sex. Also, Dunlop latex provides resistance from sagging. It keeps the mattress together for you to enjoy it for a long time. 

Many sex therapists recommend the latex mattress for it has the solid edge support, isn’t very noisy, is responsive along with the right bounce. 

The latex in the mattress contours to your body but also makes it bouncy enough to have sex on, as we mentioned above. It has the right amount of bounce that will make your intimate nights even more special. Go for the 8” and 10” version of this mattress for that extra bounce. 

Along with the bounce, it has a motion isolation factor that helps you not to sink down with the mattress. This one also has stronger edges than other latex mattresses. Now, you can make use of the edges and a larger surface of the bed to enjoy. 

You can choose the firmness of your mattress. We suggest you get the medium-firm one. A medium-firm mattress is great for all you lovebirds. It is a perfect combination of comfort and support. 

Also, latex doesn’t trap heat inside, so you will always sleep cool on this mattress, or to more specific, you won’t be too sweaty while having sex. Natural Bliss is a silent mattress that keeps your lovemaking a secret. 

Sleeping positions: This mattress works for all types of sleepers, be it side, back, stomach, or even combination sleepers. You can have a nice sound sleep after all the lovemaking. 

Cover: The cover is lightweight and made of certified organic cotton. The cover doesn’t stop you from feeling the latex below. It helps you keep the mattress safe and lasts long. 

Warranty: Natural Bliss Latex mattress has a warranty of 25 years. But wait, it is a bit tricky. If the warranty is claimed in the first 10 years, Plushbeds will repair/ replace the mattress free of cost. In the next fifteen years, if a defect occurs the repairing cost has to be paid by you. During the first year, the repair/ replacement charges will be 50% of what you paid during the time of purchase. The charges will increase by 3% every subsequent year. 

This mattress comes with a 100 nights trial. If you don’t find it satisfactory, you can return in this period and get a full refund. But you have to keep the mattress at least for 30 nights before filing for a return request. 


  • Highly customizable
  • Vegan and eco-friendly
  • Has sufficient bounce
  • Sturdy edge support
  • Lets you sleep cool
  • Motion isolation factor


  • Tricky warranty claim
  • Less warranty years
  • Heavy mattress

Bottom line

This mattress has a combination of Talalay latex and Dunlop latex that provide a buoyant sensation and resist the sagging respectively. Both these layers make the mattress ideal for sex. You can customize the mattress according to your own liking.

The tricky warranty claim can be a turn off but if you use the mattress properly, you might not even have to use the claim.

The chemical free and natural latex can be beneficial in the sense that during sex or even while sleeping your bodies rub against the mattress. Chemicals can cause you harm in this case. Go for this product if you and your partner are all in for green and vegan. 

#4. Idle Dunlop Latex Hybrid Mattress

Sturdy mattress with buoyancy foam

Another eco-friendly latex mattress, this one is also made of 100% natural latex and cotton. It is a 14” mattress with 9 layers of comfort and support.

Idle Sleep uses the buoyancy foam that provides ample support to your body along with a cooling sensation. You will sweat less with this mattress. 


The buoyancy foam is quite responsive which is good for sex. You don’t get bogged down with the mattress. It saves you from the trapped feeling with you and your partner enjoying the best time. 

Idle Sleep gives you two mattresses at the price of one. Wanna know how? The thing is you can easily flip the same mattress when one side starts to sag a bit. The other side doesn’t get affected by the sagging and can be used. The brand wants you to use the mattress for years.

You can choose the firmness of your mattress the same as its size. For couples engaged in sexual activities, it is advised to get the medium-firm mattress. It contours to your bodies and has less motion disturbance. You and your partner can move easily on it to switch positions. 

The all-natural latex provides a good bounce to your mattress along with no sagging. 

The coils inside the mattress are another reason behind the bounce. It is required to make the sex even more fun. 

With a good response, the mattress comes back to shape as soon as possible to let you have the best intimate night. A responsive mattress is always an advantage. 

Next, we will talk about the edge support. Idle Sleep has patented coils that hold all the edges together. The coil inside runs on all the four edges to make them sturdier. If you are someone who likes to do it on the edge, this is the perfect bed for you. Good edge support also means you can make use of the whole bed. 

Sleeping positions: After that satisfactory love making, you need to lie down to rest. The mattress works for all the combination sleepers, back, side, and stomach sleepers. It provides the best pressure relief and support to your body than any other foam mattress. 

Cover: The cover of the mattress is made of 100% organic cotton and allows the needed airflow. It saves the mattress from the stains. You can easily unzip and wash it after long use. 

Warranty: Idle Sleep offers a warranty of lifetime to this mattress. It has about 1000 coils in a queen-sized mattress that holds the mattress to last years. The manufacturers trust the mattress quality enough to give a lifetime warranty. This means they are sure that it won’t have any issues. 

Most mattress brands give you a 100/120 nights trial. The maximum they go up to 365 nights. But Idle Sleep gives you a whopping 18 months of the trial period. This shows how much confidence they have in their product. If you don’t like it, just return to get a full refund. 


  • Eco-friendly mattress
  • Responsive and bouncy
  • Customizable
  • Cooling buoyancy foam
  • Good edge support
  • Durable


  • No stain-resistant cover
  • heavy to flip
  • pricy

Bottom line

Idle Sleep has a unique approach for its mattresses. The buoyancy foam is a star in this product. With its amazing benefits like cooling sensation, responsiveness, and support, it is an excellent mattress for sexually active couples. 

It is even better to sleep on with sufficient support to your hips and shoulders. You feel a pressure relief at these points. This helps you while sleeping and even during after sex cuddling. This one is also an environment-friendly product with natural latex. 

There is a 6 inch layer of quantum pocketed coils that help in holding the whole mattress together including the edges. It also adds that extra bounce to the mattress which makes the it ideal for sex. 

#5. Bear Pro Mattress

Cool mattress with copper-infused foam

Last but not the least is the 12” Bear Pro Mattress which could be your new favorite. It is known as the upgraded and luxury version of the original Bear and is often compared with it. It comes with 4 layers of foam along with a Celliant cover. 


It has a gel memory foam inside. Relax, we know memory foam is hot and you don’t want your special night to be all sweaty. But, the ‘gel’ in this foam removes the unwanted body heat and provides extra cushioning to your body.

Other than this, it has copper inside the foam. Sounds ridiculous? Yes, we know but Hello Science! Copper is a thermal conductor that lets you remain cool when you lie down on the bed. You and your partner will be relaxed and happy in bed.

It even has antimicrobial properties that prohibit the build-up of microbes and germs on your mattress. You can have clean sleep on this mattress.

Bear Pro is a medium-firm mattress which means it is neither too soft to sink you down nor too firm to hurt you. They say you can have the best sex in the medium-firm mattress. 

A responsive mattress returns to its original state quickly. Bear Pro is one such mattress that makes it easier for you to change position without any interruption. It keeps you away from the feeling of being trapped in the mattress. This also helps with pressure relief while sleeping.

The sturdy edges of the mattress let you use the whole bed. It provides good edge support and resists sagging of the mattress. Also, the Bear Pro mattress doesn’t make a squeaky noise during the movements. It is entirely made of foam, so it keeps all your fun a secret. 

It also does not allow any motion transfer. You can easily change positions to have a better sexual experience. You don’t have to struggle with the mattress anymore. 

Sleeping positions: Now for the sleeping part, this mattress works for combination sleepers, side and back sleepers. The foam is of high density to make you feel comfortable. It is not good for stomach sleepers as it is not firm enough to provide them with adequate support. 

Cover: The Bear Pro mattress comes with a breathable Celliant cover that allows good airflow. It is also known to help in speedy muscle recovery. You can easily have a sound and breathable sleep at night. Just unzip the cover and wash it after long usage. 

Warranty: Bear provides a limited 10-year warranty against any physical defect of the mattress. The cover has a 1-year warranty if any material or workmanship fault is discovered. 

You can have a 100 nights trial of the mattress. If you don’t like it, you can return it to get a full refund. But you have to at least keep the mattress 30 nights before filing a return request. 


  • Gel foam cooling
  • Copper-infused foam
  • Good edge support 
  • Responsive
  • Prohibits motion transfer
  • Breathable cover
  • Durable
  • Quiet mattress


  • Not suitable for stomach sleepers
  • No stain-resistant cover
  • No bounce

Bottom line

Bear Pro mattress helps you have satisfying sex along with some good sleep. The gel-infused foam combined with the copper foam makes the mattress cool and breathable.

If sweating during sex bothers you, you should get this mattress asap to save yourself from the embarrassment. It will also help you in case you sleep hot. Even the cover of the mattress lets you breathe freely allowing the influx of airflow.

The noise cancellation factor is another plus that keeps your lovemaking a secret if you have kids or guests sleeping in the next room. Also, it is the most affordable mattress out of the lot as the budget shouldn’t become a barrier before love. 

Buying Guide For Mattress Suitable for Sex

After having sex on your old mattress a couple of times, you might have understood how badly it needs a change. It can disrupt your intimate time and leave you frustrated. So, let’s help you find the ideal mattress. 

To find a perfect mattress for lovemaking, you need to do a little research to find out what all you want in a mattress. But lucky for you, we did this task for you by putting together a buying guide. 


Yes, in this case the size matters. You need to buy at least a queen-sized mattress. King size and California King size can work even better. This is a recommendation of many sex therapists who suggested this on the basis of the experiences of their clients. 

Edge support

 It is recommended to buy a mattress with good edge support. With such a mattress, you can move around the bed without any interruption. A mattress with poor edge support is bound to sag making the edges off-limits. It also limits your options during the sex as you have to remain in the middle of the bed.


Bounce as we all know means is the ability of the mattress to come back to its normal shape after compression. Couples usually prefer a mattress with good bounce. Mattresses with innerspring coils and latex layers are known to give a good bounce that is considered good for sex.  


Nobody wants a squeaky mattress that would publicize their romance to the world. This is important especially for the couple who have kids. You don’t want to traumatize them. Choose a mattress that makes no noise and keeps the unwanted attention at bay. Beware of the innerspring mattress in this case.


This is done so that you don’t go overboard with your budget. Budget restraints should not affect your love life. That’s why there are some affordable mattresses with good features available in the market for you to check out. You don’t have to adjust your budget and definitely not the fun. 

There are always online sales going on where you can buy your ideal mattress. Here you can find some good pieces without compromising on the quality. 


As mentioned above, the thickness foundation layer of the mattress decides its durability along with the factors like density and firmness. High-density foam mattresses have a longer life span. Firm mattresses compress less and therefore add to its life. It is also reported that latex mattresses have better durability than innerspring ones.

Warranty and trial period

We have discussed this above already, but here we will tell you what all warranty covers. Mattresses have a warranty period ranging from 5 years to a lifetime. 

The warranty covers only the physical defects of the product. For instance, sagging of the mattress beyond the usual threshold of 1.5 inches. It also covers seams coming undone, breaking off the boxspring, cover coils damage, bunching up of form or cotton inside, etc. 

Also, warranty can be claimed void if you remove the law tag of the mattress, transfer it to someone else, put stains on it or not follow the instructions given out to use it. If they find any such sign of customer misuse, the warranty becomes void. 

As for the trial period, most brands offer a trial period of more than 100 nights. You can return the mattress within this period if you don’t find it comfortable. 

Conclusion: Which Mattress Should You Buy?

We know buying a mattress online can be daunting but do not worry as we have done our best to make this process easier for you. You just need to check the specifications stated above clearly and you are good to go. 

After reading the reviews above, you might have got the idea of what all is important for a mattress. We would also like to suggest the product which we think is a lil’ better out of the lot to become our favorite. We recommend the Puffy Lux Mattress. 

This luxury mattress has a light and airy feel to it that lets you have some cool and breezy fun. It makes you feel comfortable sometimes more than your partner. Ha, jokes apart, this mattress allows you to easily move around to switch positions and everything. 

The strong edges hold the mattress tightly to resist sagging. The mattress lets you use the whole bed during sex.It also lets you have that restorative sleep after all the good sex. 

We hope we helped you find the right mattress that can make your lovemaking session even more fun. So, no need to worry about the mattress anymore and just enjoy.

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