Andro 400 Review: Is This Testosterone Booster Good? Or You Should get an Alternative?

Updated on November 26, 2022

As you age, you notice your performance is not what it used to be. Muscle mass starts to fade away, while your tummy is growing bigger. Working out becomes a drag – and you make up excuses to skip on those workout sessions. Even your ability in the bedroom may start to slack.

Andro 400 is a testosterone booster that claims to help you. It is a testosterone booster that claims to burn fat, boost libido, and enhance your performance. Does it work? That is the big question. We suggest you take a closer look at Andro 400 and perhaps consider a better alternative, such as Testogen.

Testogen Best Alternative

Andro 400 Review: Brand Overview

Andro 400 is one of the many testosterone boosters that have made its way onto the market. It is product manufactured by a company known as Natural Health Concepts. The supplement claims to help you experience more testosterone circulating through your body.

The brand has a local office that is located in Phoenix, Arizona. It has been operating for several years and is known as a provider of various natural supplements. The company claims to offer only the highest quality supplements, with a carefully developed formula.

Natural Health Concepts also offers various methods of support for the consumer. While an address is provided for their local office in Arizona, there are other ways to get in touch with the company too. The support methods include an email address, as well as a contact number. By providing a contact number, getting answers to your questions is made faster and more convenient.

Natural Health Concepts is also the manufacturer of another relatively popular testosterone booster. It is known as Ultra Max T.

Andro 400 Pros & Cons

To help you get a better understanding of where Ando 400 fits into the testosterone booster industry, we need to give you a full overview of what’s good and what’s bad about the product.

Thus, we will take a closer look at both the pros and cons of the supplement in this section. Take note of all these details to help you determine if Andro 400 might be worth making an investment in.

Andro 400 Pros

  • The supplement does not include too many ingredients. By limiting the ingredients added, the risk of side-effects and interactions are reduced. It also makes it easier to see what exactly to expect from the formula.
  • Andro 400 has ingredients that may help to boost blood circulation. This is an important part of ensuring testosterone can be effectively delivered to muscle tissue and other cells throughout your body. When blood flow increases, it is easier for the circulatory system to push testosterone hormones to all parts of the body.
  • The product includes one scientifically researched ingredient that has shown to provide several advantages when taken to improve physical and mental performance. This ingredient may have the potential to offer some of the benefits the brand claims to provide.
  • The pricing for Andro 400 is quite affordable when we compare the supplement to other testosterone boosters that are available.
  • A satisfaction guarantee is offered by the manufacturer of Andro 400. If you are not happy with the results of the formula within the first 90 days, then you are eligible for a refund on the purchase.

Andro 400 Cons

  • While a limited number of ingredients are beneficial, there is a lack of scientific evidence that the formula may actually cause an increase in testosterone production. While it may improve physical performance, it might not be a great option for boosting testosterone in particular.
  • There are some restrictions that apply to the money-back guarantee. Make sure you read through the terms associated with the satisfaction guarantee before you make a purchase. This will ensure you understand when you will be able to qualify for a refund.
  • There is evidence that some supplements with Eurycoma longifolia contains some lead or mercury. Long-term and consistent exposure to these elements may cause side-effects.
  • The brand claims that Andro 400 can be used by both men and women. With this in mind, a lot of men would prefer a supplement that was developed for the male population, specifically – as this type of product will usually offer more potent effects.

What Does Andro 400 Do?

Understanding what a supplement does before taking it is important. Andro 400 is, as we have noted, primarily a testosterone booster.

Testosterone is the main sex hormone in your body. It is also called an androgen. It is involved in the factors that you may consider “masculine.” Without testosterone, you won’t have much lean muscle mass. Stomach fat would increase, and your physical strength will suffer. There are many other factors related to male health that testosterone contributes to. Heart health, mental health, and even your sexual performance all rely on a healthy level of testosterone.

While Andro 400 is primarily produced to act as a testosterone booster, the supplement also has other potential benefits that it may offer you.

According to the manufacturer of Andro 400, these are the benefits that you will experience if you take the supplement:

  • Experience a reduction in the fat accumulated in your abdomen
  • Find that your stamina and energy levels are increased.
  • You will experience better performance in the bedroom, primarily due to the stimulation of your libido.
  • Your muscle mass will increase, and you will notice and improvement in muscle tone as well.
  • Your mental performance will improve, giving you better focus.
  • Pain, particularly the aches associated with workouts, will be reduced.
  • Your strength will be greatly increased.
  • You will find that your endurance is also better, giving you an opportunity to last longer in the gym.
  • Erectile dysfunction symptoms will be treated, and your erectile function will be improved.
  • Blood pressure levels will be reduced.

What Are The Andro 400 Ingredients?

While the Andro 400 supplement makes a lot of claims, it is important to always consider if these claims have any valid scientific evidence behind them. This is why looking at the list of ingredients in Andro 400 is important.

When you consult the formula, you can see what exactly the supplement does – and see if the ingredients would comply with the claims the company makes.

We take a look at the ingredients included in Andro 400 below.

Eurycoma Longifolia

The supplement contains a 100:1 extract of Eurycoma Longifolia. According to the manufacturer, this is the main ingredient in the supplement. The company uses this extract to provide the majority of the benefits that they claim the supplement offers.

There are a few studies that have been conducted to see how Eurycoma longifolia would affect the body. The majority of these studies, however, were performed on animal subjects. The results are also not in accordance with the claims that Andro 400 makes.

In one study, lab rats were divided into two groups. The one group received testosterone replacement therapy. The second group of rats received Eurycoma longifolia supplementation. The study lasted for a period of six weeks. The goal was to see whether this herbal extract would raise testosterone levels. The results of both groups were compared:

  • In the testosterone replacement group, there was an increase in serum testosterone levels among the lab rats. The researchers also reported an increase in bone volume among the rats that were treated with testosterone therapy.
  • In the group that received Eurycoma longifolia extract, no significant elevation in testosterone levels were reported. There was also no improvement in bone volume in the rat subjects.

In another study, researchers looked at whether Eurycoma longifolia would affect testosterone levels in human subjects. All the participants were male recreational athletes. A daily dose of Eurycoma longifolia was provided to these participants over a period of six weeks.

There was no improvement in testosterone levels in urine samples from the participants. The study did, however, note that the supplement was safe. It did not cause any adverse effects on the renal system or liver function in the participants.

L-Citrulline And L-Arginine Blend

Apart from Eurycoma longifolia, there are two other ingredients included in Andro 400. These are both amino acids. They are called L-Citrulline and L-Arginine.

Amino acids play important roles in the body. They are considered to be the building blocks of protein – but this is not the only function they have.

L-Arginine is known to increase the production of Nitric Oxide, a type of gas that is present in the blood circulatory system. L-Citrulline is an amino acid that the body can convert to arginine. By including both of these amino acids, the absorption and level of L-Arginine in your body may be elevated more effectively. This means there may be more Nitric Oxide too.

Nitric Oxide helps your blood vessels relax. This process is referred to as vasodilation. When your blood vessels are able to relax, more blood is allowed to flow through them. It also takes less pressure from your heart to pump blood through your body.

This allows blood to flow to your muscle tissue, as well as to other parts of your body. More oxygen and nutrients can then be delivered to these areas within your body.

How Does Andro 400 Work?

Andro 400 mainly aims to help with the stimulation of testosterone production in your body. The brand claims that the inclusion of Eurycoma longifolia will help to raise the level of testosterone that your body makes. Unfortunately, there is no solid scientific evidence to support this particular claim.

The supplement may have other benefits, however.

Another important action lies in the inclusion of amino acids. These amino acids help to improve blood flow in your body. Healthy blood flow means better delivery of nutrients, hormones, and oxygen to your muscles. This helps to improve strength and even gives you better muscle pump during a workout.

The inclusion of both amino acids, along with the Eurocoma longifolia, may also help you in the bedroom. While there are restrictions in terms of scientific evidence related to the testosterone boosting properties of this ingredient, it may provide an effective boost in your sex drive. Combine this with the blood-boosting benefits of L-Arginine and L-Citrulline, and you may find that your sexual performance is enhanced.

How To Use Andro 400?

Using Andro 400 is relatively easy. It is suggested that you take the supplement with food. It is a dietary supplement provided in the form of a capsule. You simply take the capsule by mouth with some water.

Men should take a total of two capsules each day. If women decide to use the product, they should only take a single capsule each day.

Benefits Of Andro 400

There are a few real benefits that you may experience if you decide to use Andro 400. Let’s take a look at the possible benefits:

  • You may experience an increase in blood flow. This could give you more endurance during workouts. It may also improve your erections.
  • Your energy could possibly be boosted. This helps to ensure you are able to participate in those tedious workout routines.
  • You may experience an improvement in your mood. In turn, your motivation may improve. You may also have better focus during your workout.

Andro 400 Side Effects

Most of the ingredients in Andro 400 are generally considered to be safe. This means you should not experience any serious side effects when you decide to use the supplement.

At the same time, there are a couple of risks that you have to take into consideration.

If you have existing health conditions, it is a good idea to consult with your doctor before using Andro 400. Men with low blood pressure could experience serious complications, for example. The supplement may cause a more significant decline in blood pressure levels. The same goes for hypertension patients who take medication to lower their blood pressure. The combined effects of the supplement and a hypertension drug may be too potent for your body.

Andro 400 Reviews: What do the Customers Say?

The official website that represents the Andro 400 supplement offers a few reviews that you can look at. The company only shares positive reviews on their website. This makes it harder to determine negative comments that people may have about the product.

Let’s look at some of the reviews found on the product’s website:

Mike Hice says: “Andro400 Is The Only One That Worked!!”

Tim Child says: “Andro400 Kicked In & He Lost 30-40 Lbs.”

Alex Casuccio says: “Improved Libido, Energy, Lost 25 lbs.”

Where To Buy Andro 400 & What’s The Refund Policy?

Andro 400 is an exclusive online product. To buy this supplement, you have to visit the company’s official website and select Andro 400 as your preferred product. You then need to go through a checkout process and complete payment for your order.

You have 90 days to put Andro 400 to the test. If you find that it does not offer the brand claims it does, then you can ask for a refund. It is not a 100% refund. Shipping and handling fees will not be refunded. You will also be responsible for paying the shipping fee to send the bottle of Andro 400 back to the manufacturer.

Any Better Alternative Available?

Research surrounding the testosterone boosting properties of Andro 400 is limited. Current evidence suggests that the supplement might not help to effectively elevate testosterone levels. One alternative is to buy testosterone cypionate. There are alternative options with more scientific evidence behind them – and Testogen is one of the best options to consider, Check Testogen’s review here.

Testogen has already built up a reputation for itself as one of the best testosterone supplements that are available on the market. The product contains a unique formula. Scientists at Testogen have ensured they consider the latest scientific evidence – which, in turn, provided them an opportunity to produce a more effective supplement.

Testogen also comes with a full money-back guarantee. You can give it a try and see what it does for you. If you feel that you are not completely satisfied with what Testogen offers you, then a simple email or phone call to the manufacturer will give you a refund on your purchase.

Testogen Best Alternative

Conclusion: Which Testosterone Brand Should You Choose?

Andro 400 is a testosterone booster. It may have some potential to improve sexual and physical performance. Unfortunately, it does not seem like the supplement might be effective at increasing testosterone, since there is a lack of scientific evidence. Testogen is a great alternative, offering a formula that is based on the latest scientific research.


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