Amazing ways technology and gadgets are improving our health

Updated on November 24, 2020

Look around you and you’ll see technology everywhere. Whether you’re streaming live TV through your smart device, or you’re chatting with your team on the other side of the country via Zoom, it’s safe to say that technology has come a long way in the last few years. 

These days we’re more reliant on technology than ever before and the same applies to our health. Technology is always finding new ways to improve our lives and our overall wellbeing thanks to simple yet highly effective gadgets, trackers and apps. Read on to discover some amazing ways technology and gadgets are improving our health. 

Blue light lenses

These days we’re all spending more time at our desks and staring at screens for prolonged periods. And whether it’s for business or pleasure, too much exposure from screens and the lights emitted from them puts our eyes at risk from digital eye strain, dry, irritated eyes and extreme discomfort. 

However, thanks to the advancement of Blue Light Blocking Glasses, you can reduce the risk of eye problems and block out these harmful lights with some simple additions to your prescription lenses. You’ll find an incredible range of Blue Light Blocking Glasses with eyebuydirect lenses, including EBDBLUE Plus, EBDBlue 360 and SightRelax technology. Too much blue light exposure can also cause sleep problems which can lead to other forms of illness. 

Sleep apps

When it comes to sleep, it seems pretty straightforward. However the intricacies and importance of sleep is highlighted in a range of medical studies that determine sleep is an important part of our daily lives, and getting enough of it is crucial. These days it’s not easy to get enough shut-eye, however technological advances have provided us with a range of sleep apps and sleep trackers. These allow us to monitor our sleep patterns and pinpoint any potential issues. 

Light sleep, REM and deep sleep patterns are all monitored thanks to lightweight smartwatches and their apps. So, whether you’re trying to improve the quality of your rest or get more of it, technology is paving the way for a good nights’ sleep

Moving more

These days we’re all living a little more deskbound. And after a busy day at the office, we replace that desk with our sofa. This begs the question – how much daily exercise are you really getting?  Knowing how much you’re moving every day will bring home the true extent of your sedentary lifestyle and allow you to make healthier choices and impactful changes. Changes that can either help you lose weight or maintain the healthy weight you currently have.

Technology can advise us, based on simple personal information how much we need to move, how many steps we can or have been taking, how close we are to our movement goals and even send us little reminders to get up and get moving.

And finally, eating

Indeed, calorie counting isn’t anything new, however, advancements in technology have made the process much easier to follow and to stick to. If you’re someone who is consistently overeating, you have a particular weight goal in mind, or you want to increase your protein intake and reduce your sugar consumption, then it’s never been easier with calorie trackers and food breakdown apps. Based on your personal information and goals, these apps can make food tracking easy and even offer advice and nutritional information to ensure you’re getting enough vitamins, minerals and staying hydrated. 

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