What to Look For In a Dietary Supplement



When you visit a drug store, you will find several supplements available for purchase. They come in different varieties with varying purposes in the body. Some of these include preventing illnesses, improving energy, boosting your metabolism, and making your skin glow. However, you should know that not all supplements are the same.

The production of dietary supplements isn’t fully regulated by the FDA and other regulatory bodies that govern the production of food and drug products around the world. This means that the safety and efficacy of a particular supplement are not necessarily guaranteed. It also means that as you get dietary supplements, whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or fight pain, you ought to consider a few things before picking the product. Here are a few things to look for in a dietary supplement.

1. Expiration Dates

One of the most important things to look at when choosing a supplement is the expiration date. Considering that supplements are to be taken into your body, it is crucial to ensure that you are taking something that won’t affect you negatively. Once you have purchased a supplement, check for the expiry date. If it has passed or might pass as you take them, it’s important to avoid that product. This applies not only to supplements but every other food product you purchase.

2. The Claims or Benefits 

Whether they come in the form of tablets, pills, soft-gels, liquids, or capsules, most supplements will have label information indicating the benefits they provide. This is often accompanied by the list of ingredients used to make the product and how each ingredient helps your body based on clinical studies. For supplements that do not include this information in the label, it is best to avoid them altogether. The claims should also be backed by science and clinical studies to be particular.

3. Quality and Purity 

To reduce the cost of production, some companies will do what is commonly referred to as skip batch testing. Here, the quality and purity tests are done on a few selected batches. This is often a good move for supplement manufacturers since it will cut the cost of production. However, this makes quality assurance difficult.

When buying your supplements, you need to ensure that the manufacturing company can assure the quality of all their products. Some questions you should ask yourself include:  

  • Are the ingredients artificial or organic?
  • Does the company provide freshness guarantee?
  • Is the production environment climate-controlled?
  • Are their products well-reputed in the industry?  

4. Third-Party Certification 

The best companies will always submit their products to independent organizations for potency, quality, and content. Brands like Kal do this to ensure their supplements are safe and have the required efficacy. A company like NFS international will analyze the contents of the products delivered to them and put a mark of quality on them if they are good enough. When making a purchase, you should look for this mark.

When purchasing a supplement you want to make sure that whatever you take doesn’t harm you in any way. You want it to grant you the benefits you are looking for without negative side effects. Hopefully, the above few pointers can help you get the right dietary supplement for your needs.


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