Virtual Nursing Jobs You Can Do Anywhere

Updated on September 30, 2021

With the development of technologies more and more people every year are opting for working from home. Remote jobs are filling every professional field, and nursing is not an exception. Find out about the nursing careers from home!

Whether you are a registered nurse, or just working to become one, it is crucial to monitor your career options. While most of the graduating students opt to work in hospitals and clinics, there is a strong wave of nurses who want to choose something else. 

Modern world already does not require the mandatory constant being at the workplace. XXI century allows everyone to consider working remotely. 

If you still stick to a traditional working environment, you may want to rethink your values. Distant working is slowly conquering the world. Even for the nurses, work from home can be a way better option than staying in the hospital and doing many hours of shifts. Why? Let’s take a look at the bonuses the remote working brings. 

Pros of a home-office

The most significant bonus is of course the amount of free time which you suddenly start to find in your day. When you don’t have to drive for work every day, spend time with your colleagues or stay over time because of the unexpected reasons – you can finally dedicate your time to something more interesting. Learning a new language, for example, or cooking. Even just relaxing in a bathtub – now you can afford it. And if you live with your family or pets – you will see them way more often. Solely working in the presence of a loved one can ultimately boost your performance. Plus the bonus is that you get to hug them immediately after the end of your working time.

Another advantage is the possibility to save your money. If you sit and count how much you monthly spend on gas, coffee drive-throughs on the way to work, and take out lunches, you will be shocked. Working from home allows you to spend this money the preferred way, not just waste it.

Moving further, one of the greatest pros of remote jobs is flexibility. You can work from anywhere in the world, from chalet in the mountains to the busy megalopolis. Moving across the world is easier than before. 

And of course if you have just graduated with a nursing degree, you don’t want to miss all these opportunities solely because of your specialisation. A couple of years ago it may have seemed impossible, but now you have plenty of remote jobs in the nursing field to choose from.

What jobs can nurses do from home? 

There are many nursing careers from home to choose from. We have made a list of some, but the possibilities are not limited to only those fields.

Nursing instructor

Before you have become a registered nurse, you did a lot of studying. Future generations of nurses are still to overcome this path, and they need qualified help. There are plenty of services for them nowadays offering for example nursing essay help or tutoring. 

You can become one of the specialists that teaches the nursing students remotely. At this job, you will have to assist students in their assignments, be responsive to their questions, hold class sessions, and many more. You may even run your own class completely online, thanks to the popularization of distance education. 

Clinic appeals nurse

Dealing with the insurance is a huge part of the healthcare system. Patients who were denied insurance coverage need qualified nurses that are able to review denied claims and conduct appeals. In this position, you ought to have quite advanced skills. This job consists of helping patients, but in a slightly different field.

You will deal with reviewing the actions of medical staff, healthcare regulations, pre-existing conditions and many more. The decision whether the denied claim was lawful will be up to you. And surely this kind of work can freely be done remotely.

Telefon triage

Medical facilities are often overwhelmed with the patients. Especially in the times of a pandemic, when seeing the patient in person can be more dangerous. The popularity of this profession expands along with the technologies. Clinics are looking for nurses that will assist the patient remotely, via telephone or video call. This job includes keeping track of the symptoms, primary diagnostics, suggesting meds, and many more. Patients assigned to you will be able to call you anytime, so this job requires a lot of attention. The bonus is of course the possibility to work from home. Also, keep in mind that finding a job in this sector, especially a remote one will not be an easy thing to do.

It may be hard but it is not impossible so doing research and as a first step searching for nursing jobs near me can bring a variety of results and then you will need to carefully filter them and see which one offers a remote opportunity.

Nurse abstractor

In this position you will work with a lot of data. You will have to compare and analyze the patient files to get the necessary information and then organise it in a readable way. This helps other healthcare specialists a lot – stats can show you the reasons of a particular disease or the efficacy of a treatment. 

As you work with the information provided to you by a particular clinic or hospital, you don’t have to work from the office. In fact, all of your work will be done on your laptop.

Case management

Yet another profession strongly connected with caring for patients but in a slightly different way. Disability claims is a field where experienced and skilled nurses are in shortage. If you choose this profession, you will deal with doctors and insurance companies, patients and their relatives. And your ultimate goal here will be to coordinate all of the interests and to file a lawful disability claim. Plus the responsibilities also include the support during the treatment until a patient is able to work again.

Coordination and communication are the main parts of this profession, so it is totally in the list of home based jobs for nurses.

Considering everything, it is obvious that the remote working field will only develop within the next few years. So if you are only a student or an enrollee, be sure that you will find a flexible nursing job working from home. 

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