5 Strains For Outside Growing That You Never Knew

Updated on October 17, 2022

Growing Cannabis is convenient and rewarding, especially when you have the right strains. It yields excellent benefits, including lower costs of general operations.

However, the turnout of the harvest boils down to the types of strains you choose. Certain strains may leave you feeling disappointed, while others are promising ventures. Here are strains for outdoor growing that you probably never knew about.

Blue Dream strain 

Blue Dream strain originates from California and is a dominant hybrid of the Blueberry Indica. It is one of the typical Sativas like haze strains. As the name suggests, the Blue Dream Strain causes the user to feel relaxed, almost to the point of dreaming and euphoria.

This is because it facilitates the invigoration of the cerebrum. Growing it is not such a hassle to maintain since its growth requirements are manageable. It’s also not easily affected by sudden climate changes.

Initially, they are said to thrive in subtropical surroundings such as those in California. The Blue Dream is quite a flexible strain that will continue to thrive even when you go as far as domesticating it.

This strain needs a continuous and heavy water supply to assure you of its fast and healthy growth. That’s not all. You’ll also need fertilizers such as Magnesium and Nitrogen, which possess the level of quality that the Blue Dream strain requires.

Your gardening skills must be somewhere at the mid-range level to grow this strain successfully. The Blue Dream strain will require proper positioning to soak in sunlight.

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Honey Cream Fast Flowering

This Cannabis strain is common around Spain, mostly because of its tantalizing aroma. It’s one of the latest and newest strains to hit the Cannabis market, and its popularity is spreading at a fair rate.

The Honey Cream Fast Flowering strain also has a market in almost all parts of Europe. The name is mostly relevant to its nature since its flowering duration is as short as 6-7 weeks.

However, this duration is only accurate when you grow Honey Cream Fast Flowering Strain under favorable conditions. July and August are the most agreeable times to grow this strain because there is no limitation of sunlight.

It has an Indica composition of 3 strains, namely, BlueBalck, Maple Leaf, and White Rhino. When the favorable conditions are consistent, the Honey Cream Fast Flowering strain can grow fast and reach 180-250cm.

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White Widow Strain

This strain is originally from The Netherlands and is mostly grown for recreational purposes. The White Widow Strain is a hybrid of the Brazilian Sativa Landrace and the South Indian Indica.

Its intense strength has earned it the top spot in the strains of most Cannabis users. White widow strain is not as straightforward as its counterparts. Users can attest to instant effects once they begin to use it.

When the conditions are conducive, it should take approximately 60 days to bud and flower. When growing the White Widow strain outdoors, be intentional about maintaining the right temperatures.

During the day, the temperatures should never be below 70 degrees. When night falls, the appropriate temperatures must be over 60 degrees. The humidity levels must be at around 70% to facilitate the germination process.

When flowering begins, reduce the percentage of humidity to about 30-40% since the growth pattern is on the verge of reducing. Feeding must include fertilizers such as Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorous.

Nitrogen mostly comes in handy during the vegetative stage, but you must reduce it when it gets to the flowering stage. 

Critical Kush

As much as you can regard it as a resilient strain, Critical Kush thrives most in a temperate and warm climate. A greenhouse offers the right levels of humidity that will boost the healthy growth of your strains.

During the day, adjust the temperatures to a favorable 70-80 degrees. When night falls, 60-70 degrees will be incredibly beneficial to the Critical Kush strain. Since hot air holds more moisture, you are guaranteed to make a bountiful harvest when you maintain the right relative humidity (RH).

Feeding should be heavier for the Critical Kush strain during the vegetative stage. The main ingredients for its feed should be Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorous. Increase the level of Nitrogen when Critical Kush is at the early stages.

Increase the levels of Phosphorus and Potassium and reduce that of Nitrogen once it gets to the flowering stages. Critical Kush requires other vital nutrients, including Magnesium, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon, Manganese, Calcium, and Copper.

Each of them occurs naturally in the soil, but you’ll have to work twice as hard to provide these nutrients when you grow the strain hydroponically. As a beginner, seek professional advice to avoid overfeeding your strain.

A common sign of overfeeding is when the leaves of your strain turn yellow. Be on the lookout for wilting as it could also be a warning of ongoing danger on your strain.

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Green Gelato

Green Gelato traces its roots to San Francisco. It’s a bit tough to come across, especially since its seeds are scarce on the cannabis market. It’s easier to locate growers that have been in the business long enough and strike a deal with them.

This is a strain that requires a warm temperature with the highest levels of consistency. To be more precise, 75 degrees will nurture your strain to the significant stages of growth.

Bear in mind that this strain releases an aroma as it grows. In such a case, get a filter that will mask the smell that may make neighbors uncomfortable. Green Gelato requires extra care compared to its strain counterparts.

It tends to grow taller rather than wide sometimes. When this happens, trim the plants carefully by cutting off at the top. The result is that it grows sideways rather than straight up, encouraging the increase of buds.

Keeping this routine up assures you of a bumper harvest when the Green Gelato strain is ready. Green Gelato strain comes along with a set of medical benefits such as:

  • Induces feelings of euphoria
  • Promotes a sense of calm in the entire body
  • It helps in managing anxiety and depression
  • It helps in dealing with different kinds of pain in the body
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Final Thoughts

Each strain is different when it comes to the requirements necessary for healthy growth. Always keep this factor in mind to increase your chances of a successful venture in growing strains outdoors.