How CBD Oil Helps with Body Pain

Updated on March 5, 2022

CBD Oil is one of the best natural remedies for pain, but many don’t understand how or why it works. CBD is a compound best known for its presence in the marijuana or hemp plant. Famously, it is found as a sister compound to THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana. When CBD is extracted on its own, it has powerful healing and relaxation properties even when separated from its mind-altering partner. CBD does not have any intoxicating effects, making it an attractive solution for those looking to avoid pain medications that can cause dependencies and fog focus. This article will provide a little insight into why CBD works so well and what it does in our bodies to support pain relief, sleep and relaxation. 

CBD Works Topically

CBD works naturally with the body to provide relief for certain types of pain. Today, there are many topical solutions as well as oral ones. “CBD Oil has a number of different uses, most commonly people tend to ingest it orally. However, as a topical ingredient it has many anti-inflammatory properties that make it a great solution for joint pain, muscle pain and certain types of irritation,” said Chris Hetherington, Founder and CEO of Peels. This means more options for more people suffering with pain. The reality is that some patients may not be able to tolerate pills or smoking cannabis for pain relief. “For many, CBD may be the only option available that provides relief. pharmaceutical pain relievers may be just simply too potent or unpleasant for certain individuals, not to mention the potential for addiction. CBD offers a natural and less invasive option for those seeking pain relief,” said Abraham Rahmanizadeh, COO Leafwell Botanicals.

There are benefits to topical ointments that aren’t just it being an alternative to oral ingestion. They also tend to have a faster onset, “Many topical CBD ointments begin working much more quickly than traditional pain meds,” says Dr. Rober Applbaum, Owner of Applebaum MD. “Many have onset times of just 15 minutes, meaning you can experience pain relief in a fraction of the time that you would from taking something like ibuprofen.” This is an attractive quality for those that struggle with joint pain, or any kind of localized pain that can be tricky to target by taking over the counter pills. This is a great solution for anyone who works a physical job or works out a lot. “The sore muscles and joint aches you feel after a long day can be frustrating and make you feel that much more exhausted,” said Lauren Singer of Package Free Shop. “Topical CBD creams and ointments are a relieving and relaxing solution for anyone on their feet all day.” 

The Endocannabinoid System

The main reason that CBD and hemp products are so effective is because our brains have something called the cannabinoid system. This is a system of neuroreceptors that bind with cannabinoids like CBD and THC. “The cannabinoid receptors in our body are directly linked to the parts of our brain that process pain, relaxation and calmness. When CBD binds to these neurotransmitters, that’s what consumers are experiencing when they describe the pain relief that cannabis products bring,” said Chris Vaughn, CEO of Emjay. These receptors send messages to our brains to work against inflammation, stress, pain and insomnia.

It also binds with the systems in our body that control inflammation and pain. Sarah Pirrie, Brand Director of Healist Naturals had this to say, “CBD works with a number of different systems including the endocannabinoid system, inflammatory system and the nociceptive system. This is the system in our body that deals with pain sensations. Cannabinoids bind with these systems sending messages to ease pain and inflammation.” Interacting with these systems is what makes CBD such a powerful medicine for us. Cannabinoids are actually created by our body, which is why they have such a powerful effect on us when we introduce them to our system from an outside source.

“CBD and hemp products have long been a secret solution to pain relief,” says Joey Zwillinger of Allbirds. “For a long time, it has had a negative connotation associated with marijuana products, but recent research has paved the way for new extraction techniques and higher quality products that don’t have a psychoactive effect on the user whatsoever.” 

Chronic Pain 

Probably what continues to make CBD such a hot commodity these days is its ability to ease chronic pain in patients that have felt little to no relief of their symptoms with other treatments. “CBD is unique in its usefulness for chronic pain as well as acute pain,” said Dr. Payel Gupta, Co-founder and CEO of Cleared. “Users have reported experiencing relief in their chronic pain symptoms after taking CBD products. Oral consumption is a more direct way to ingest it, and there are many consumable edibles and tinctures that make it an easy and palatable experience.” Research is still being done extensively on CBD and why it’s so particularly effective for those struggling with chronic pain issues, but most likely is due to it’s deep interaction with our inflammatory systems. 

Also contributing to its effectiveness is CBD’s overall effect on our immune systems and bodies as a whole. Karina Karassev, Founder and CEO of Stori said “CBD oil has been found to assist with body pain and chronic soreness, as well as relieve anxiety, inflammation, and even insomnia. CBD does this by helping the body more effectively utilize its endocannabinoid system. This system helps better regulate the immune system, sleep, and healing throughout the body. Unlike THC, CBD does not produce a high, so taking CBD regularly to help with inflammation or pain will have little detriment on mental or physical functionality.”

For those with specific issues such as arthritis or migraines, CBD has also been known to help a great deal with these issues! “CBD helps reduce and eliminate body pain in a myriad of ways. First and most significantly, it has the potential to help with chronic and long-lasting pain,” said Inesa Ponomariovaite, Founder of Nesa’s Hemp Oil. “For those struggling with any type of chronic pain, consider CBD as a source of pain relief and management. Second, studies have shown that CBD can decrease the pain associated with arthritis. With anti-inflammatory capabilities, CBD oil might be the perfect solution to ongoing arthritis pain. Third and lastly, CBD oil helps subside pain associated with migraines. Although not studied as closely as chronic pain, there is promising evidence that shows direct benefits for chronic migraine sufferers who use CBD and CBD oil. With pain-relieving effects that are proven and studied on a cellular level, CBD oil has the potential of helping manage chronic pain in a variety of ways.” These simple but powerful interactions have a profound effect on those dealing with inflammatory and chronic pain. 

CBD is becoming a more powerful medication and pain solution every day. The research behind it and the brands making new and exciting products are paving the way for a new wave of chronic pain care for our world. No one struggling with pain should have to suffer, and the culture behind our medical community has long ignored this compound as a viable solution. The tables are slowly turning, however, and more patients are seeking out CBD as an alternative pain reliever to pharmaceuticals. CBD works to relieve pain by binding with our bodies systems that deal with inflammation, pain and stress directly. 

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