5 Reasons to Consider Assisted Living

Updated on January 24, 2022

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Assisted living provides 24/7 personal care, wellness, and nutrition services to older adults to help maximize their independence in a happy and safe environment. While caring for elderly loved ones can be rewarding, it is also exhausting. It is even more complicated when the senior has underlying medical conditions that require constant monitoring. Read on for five reasons to consider assisted living.

Poor medication management

One of the most apparent signs of aging is forgetfulness which could pose a severe danger for seniors with underlying medical conditions. They may forget to attend doctor’s appointments or take prescribed medication, overdose, or duplicate their doses, leading to severe health complications, especially when suffering from chronic diseases like hypertension or diabetes.

To prevent poor medication management, you should consider enrolling your loved one in a retirement community in Spokane. Assisted living facilities have skilled professionals who can monitor your loved one’s health daily and manage medication to avoid complications. Seniors also benefit from regular medical check-ups to help catch issues with their health on time. 

Poor nutrition

Meal preparation becomes a burden as one ages. It is often more convenient for seniors to opt for pre-packed dinner to avoid the hassle of cooking multiple times a day and going to the grocery store, leading to poor nutrition. Enrolling your loved one in assisted living communities allows them to enjoy healthy and delicious three meals a day, improving your elderly parent’s overall health.


Older adults, especially those living alone and who cannot travel as much as they want to social gatherings due to health reasons, become more vulnerable to loneliness as they lack human connection and interaction. This results in depression, isolation, and social anxiety.

Research excellent assisted living communities near you that offer ideal socialization opportunities for your loved one. This allows them to have a positive outlook on life and renewed purpose. Assisted living promotes companionship by:

  • Hosting various social activities for older adults, including movie nights, dancing programs, game nights, book clubs, and organizing field trips
  • Voluntary activities
  • Organizing family days
  • Developing common areas such as outdoor spaces and dining rooms where older adults can meet and mingle

Safety concerns

As they age, senior adults develop a decline in their balance and mobility, making them vulnerable to falls and other accidents. Assisted living communities provide a safer, comfortable, and secure environment for seniors, allowing them to keep living a quality life. Assisted living offers emergency buttons and CCTV cameras, 24/7 supervision, and staff presence to guarantee client safety.

Poor personal hygiene

Foul body odor, messy hair, bad breath, and dirty nails are some of the most common signs of poor personal hygiene necessitating enrolling in assisted living. Personal grooming routines such as bathing, trimming nails and brushing the teeth and hair become a challenge for most seniors due to reduced mobility. The assisted living personnel offer laundry, bathing, and dressing assistance to ascertain that your loved one maintains excellent personal hygiene.


It can be difficult to decide to move your senior loved one out of their home into an assisted living facility. While you may want to continue caring for them, various aspects of their physical, mental, and social health may be challenging to handle. Familiarize yourself with the above signs to determine when to consider assisted living.

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