4 Ways Cannabigerol Can Help Beat Anxiety

Updated on May 16, 2021

Cannabinoids have been used for a variety of purposes since the dawn of time. While many people are familiar with the benefits of CBD, cannabigerol is also useful when easing anxiety. Full spectrum gummies are one of the most effective ways to reduce tension in the body.

What Is CBG?

Cannabigerol is usually found in 1% of cannabis strains. By acting on the CB1 and CB2 receptors, this cannabinoid does not produce the same effects as THC. Similar to CBD, the experience felt with CBG does not include potential paranoia.

CBG is thought to have a positive impact with those who have Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. Certain forms of this cannabinoid such as full spectrum gummies (check it here) or tinctures can also relieve psychological stress.

How CBG Helps Beat Anxiety

Reduces depression – CBG is often incorporated into a wellness routine. By focusing on both physical and psychological health, many people find the time to slow down. CBG has neuroprotective properties that are often able to ease the symptoms of depression.

Once depression is lifted, many people are finally able to concentrate on what’s happening in the present moment. The link between depression and anxiety has long been acknowledged by many healthcare professionals.

Pain relief – chronic or sudden pain can create signals in the brain that mimic anxiety. Without the ability to shift focus, this can be debilitating. CBG can help ease anxiety by relieving muscle and headaches. This is especially helpful for women with painful menstrual cramps and those who are prone to migraines.

Decreases insomnia – Certain brands and strains are known for relieving sleeplessness. CBG is one source for reducing physical and psychological tension before bedtime. A proper sleep schedule is vital for mental health. Trouble falling or staying asleep can negatively impact an individual’s energy levels throughout the entire day.

Long-lasting relaxation – CBG does not produce a “high” similar to THC. Since the intensity is mild, CBG can be used during the daytime. Ingestible substances will often elongate the sensation for maximum stress relief. 

Calming Techniques

CBG has been known to calm the mind and body. To gain the maximum benefit from CBG usage, it’s important to know the desired purpose. For those with high stress levels that cannot concentrate, different forms of CBG are available.

CBG comes in a variety of dosages. When considering which unit to purchase, several factors should be taken into consideration; age, health conditions, and the experience that is desired. A low dose is usually best when starting out.

Psychological stress typically requires a lower dose than physical conditions. For insomnia, dosages are usually on the higher end to ensure quality of sleep as well. Gummies are frequently used for insomnia because of their long-lasting effect.

In addition to CBG, other wellness techniques may provide relief. Many people find that practicing meditation is easier with cannabinoids. Meditation with CBG can be done in multiple ways including through a video or recording. Guided meditations are usually recommended for those who are new to the practice.

CBG is not a psychoactive drug. It will not alter reality or produce the same feelings as THC will. It can, however, create a calming sensation that reduces physical and psychological stress.

Is CBG Rare?

CBG is often more difficult to produce than other cannabinoids. Unlike THC or CBD, this type of cannabinoid is found in limited quantities. A typical cannabis plant produces .01% to 10% of CBG.

Breeding techniques that were commonly used in the past have also created scarcity. Because many plants are produced to contain high quantities of THC, other cannabinoids can get lost in the mix. CBG has shown to actually counteract against the negative side effects of THC for a calming sensation.

While this particular type of cannabinoid may be scarce, it can still be found in many parts of the world. It is possible to purchase large amounts of CBG in the United States.


Cannabigerol helps ease tension in the body while relaxing the mind. Depending on the type and dosage, this can help treat an array of symptoms. Full spectrum CBG gummies by MrHempFlower.com are often used as a gentle way to quiet the mind. As an inexpensive alternative to other types of substances, many people prefer CBG to any other cannabinoid. 

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