3 Ways To Reduce Your Stress During This Crisis

Updated on August 27, 2023
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The COVID-19 pandemic took most of the world by surprise. And, while it spread very fast, it forced most people to greatly alter their day to day lives. It’s important for you to reduce your stress especially during this crisis. It’s likely your stress levels were high enough before the pandemic started. When your normal life is derailed it’s crucial you establish a new routine to keep yourself productive and accountable. This will keep the stress low and get you through this crisis. Let’s look at the top 3 ways you can help reduce your stress during this current crisis. 

Daily Structure

While having good daily structure is important in general, during the pandemic this can be much more difficult. Between lost work, media scare tactics, and a sense of lacking accomplishment there’s a way to feel good about what you can do. The idea of a solid structure is to highlight the things that you have done during the day and what you can do. 

A daily to-do list which you check off each day can give you that sense of accomplishment even when the world seems to be at a standstill. A daily to-do list ticked off just before you call it a day, can actually help you sleep

Stressful times often dictate our ability to fall asleep and the quality of sleep as well. Another thing that can help is making your to-do list ahead of time to give you a sense of accomplishment before bed. Just do what you can do, track your progress and hopefully the stress minimizes each day.

Healthy Habits 

Exercising and eating healthy are huge contributors to physical and mental well-being. However, with health clubs and social distancing practices it may be harder for you to get into those workout and meal regimes. YouTube is a great solution to this problem. They have workout routines, meal plans, and other creative ways to maintain your fitness from home. 

Working out produces endorphins which is a chemical released and contributes to feeling better. So, don’t let a gym being closed stop you from getting that post workout pump. Another great tool for cardiovascular endurance is a jump rope especially if the weather in your area is poor. 

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Eating healthy can be a tricky task more so if you aren’t exactly a chef in the kitchen. Simple meals can be made and prepped throughout the week. Also, make sure you stay up to date by taking supplements for any nutrients left out of your diet. Some can even help with reducing stress.ProVanax seems to be a decent blend that is organic as well to help with stress and anxiety. 

Reducing stress is no easy task. However, staying up on your fitness routine and eating healthy can be the best way for you to feel good about your body, make progress and reduce stress. And who knows, if you feel like you’ve got a knack for it maybe you can start your own fitness blog.

Take A Break

Even when it seems like everything is moving slowly, you need to take a break. Most of what’s going on in the world isn’t controlled by you. So please, take a break and acknowledge the things you did get done today. Put on some music, dance, watch a movie and actually enjoy your free time. Afterall, when you have something to look forward to such as a mid-day dance break, it can make those workouts and to do lists more doable. Your breaks can also include going out in nature. Whether you’re a beach or mountain person, a little dose of that daily will make the day more complete. After all, you owe it to yourself, you’ve been keeping a to-do list, exercising and eating healthy so go take a break and do what you enjoy the most.


Nobody expected the current pandemic, but here we are. It’s important to remember that when times get hectic it’s up to you to restore a sense of order to your life. Even if it’s difficult to do things in public a lot can be done from home. You saw how keeping yourself accountable with to-do lists, eating healthy, exercising and taking breaks can reduce your stress levels. All of these things take a little bit of planning and research. However, a little goes along way especially when you want to reduce your stress during this crisis. Do you have any other tips that may help reduce stress levels? 

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