3 Points of Concern before Finding a Hand Therapist

Updated on December 24, 2021

It takes therapeutic intervention to treat extreme injuries of the upper extremities, i.e., the hand, wrist, arm, elbow, and shoulder. In such injuries, an occupational or a physical therapist comes in handy.

Why do you need hand therapy?

Hand therapy is the key to quickly getting back to your daily routine.  Let’s face it; healing takes time. It requires lots of financial, emotional, mental, and physical input from the patient and their entire family. 

This calls for a qualified hand therapist. They will ensure the process of healing is smooth. Hence, constantly breathing life to the hope that you will one day return to leading a productive lifestyle.

Settling for hand therapy in Melbourne means that you will have a one-on-one experience with the best practitioners. Every practitioner should be accredited. Among other objectives, enhancing hand therapy ranks the highest. This enhancement is achieved by ensuring hand therapy professional development is met through annual scientific conferences, courses, and special interest groups.

How is hand therapy administered?

You should know what to expect before seeking the help of an occupational or physical therapist.

Firstly, you’ll undergo an initial evaluation. This step is vital as it aids the therapist in gathering information on the symptoms you are suffering and gauging your expectations.  

Further, this stage aids the therapist in understanding the most appropriate treatment method depending on your injury.

Secondly, your therapist of choice will recommend home assignments in the form of activities that will ensure a quick recovery.

Lastly, different patients require different attention. If the patient sustained injuries through surgery, an accident, arthritis, or trauma, the therapist will ensure that they:-

  • Monitor and treat wounds
  • Reduce adhesions between skin and tendons
  • Soften scars, help nerves glide, tendons slide, and joints move
  • Reduce swelling and
  • Decrease pain and teach patients with amputations of the fingers, hands, or arms to learn to be productive. 

How can you secure the best hand therapy?

At this juncture, it is only fair to share how best you can find a reliable hand therapist. Honestly, the best facility holds the following qualities.

  • No referrals- You need a facility that will not refer you to other therapists you could locate in inconvenient areas.
  • Nonsurgical treatment prioritized where possible- Surgery should be a measure of the last resort.
  • Offers a one on one Physiotherapy Pilates retraining and strengthening.

Here are ways to ensure you land a facility with the above qualities.

Search online

It is best to conduct extensive research on all therapy centers, and going online proves effective. Once online, you will come across various websites, each speaking highly of their services.

Well, ensure to read reviews from former customers because the answers you seek lie there.

Ask around

You could ask your friends and family. Feedback from people you know and trust will help you make the right decision.

Visit facilities

Searching online and asking around gives you a clear picture of the facilities that match your needs. Hence visiting the one on top of your list clears any doubts.

Wrapping it up

You deserve the best healing process. The above insight should come in handy in helping you land the best hand therapy in Melbourne.

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