9 Ways To Stay Focused at Work While Going Through Divorce

Updated on December 24, 2021

The divorce takes much time and effort to cover; still, not everyone can and wish to devote all the time to the marriage termination. Divorce is a financial burden as well, so many soon-to-be-divorcees have to keep on working through divorce even more than before. But working under the constant stress and pressure of the divorce may be a serious challenge. So, here are some tips for you to stay concentrated on work through the divorce process easily. 

Let Your Boss Know

No matter whether you get a divorce online or you are involved in the court proceedings, your divorce will undoubtedly interfere with your work. You will run late, leave work earlier, skip some workdays, lose concentration points, and have your productivity decreased in general.

Instead of coming up with different excuses about your work incompetency, let your boss know you are going through a divorce. Leave out all the private details and personal disappointments. Just state the fact that you are having your marriage finalized, and it may have an impact on your work performance. As a result, your boss won’t get angry at you in case of the divorce-related force-majeure, sympathize with you, and decrease workload at some points.

Adjust Your Workplace

When getting through divorce and trying to concentrate on the work, you don’t need any reminders connected to your marriage or divorce. That is why you ought to reorganize your workplace respectively. Eliminate all the photos, gifts, memos that will make you recall your marriage and the proceeding failures. Substitute them with motivative things. Positive posters, encouraging phrases, to-do lists, organizing boards, etc., will turn you into productive mode and shift your focus from the divorce in favor of your work. 

Separate Divorce and Worktime

There should be time for work and time for divorce-related issues. Don’t mix everything; otherwise, you will get exhausted and lost quickly. Don’t check your mail for divorce docs during worktime, and don’t bring work papers home to finish them after work. Create a strict schedule and assign the needed hours to deal with divorce processes so that it doesn’t interrupt your workday. 

Follow the Rhythm

If you have time to get all depressed during the workday, then you are not busy enough. This means you need to reorganize your daily schedule and make it so full that you have no time for self-pitying and other self-destructive activities. Increase the pace at work, take up new hobbies, do sports, attend social events, and so on. Care to appoint some activities after work so that you don’t feel lonely in the evening. This way, you will manage your emotions and personal troubles in your career and free time easier. 

Get Distracted with Work

There are many common ideas on how to deal with divorce. The work-related one is to get distracted with work. It doesn’t mean that the distraction can solve your emotional and other troubles. But at least you won’t be concentrated on the negativity of divorce. 

Recall why you love your job, concentrate on the process that brings you the greatest pleasure, and get inspiration from it. As a result, you will feel encouraged to move on and add to your work productivity in general. 

Keep Divorce Private

It will be better both for you and your colleagues if you keep your divorce private. Don’t spread the details of the end of your marriage around the office. Otherwise, you will be discussed behind your back. You also cannot predict the reaction of your co-workers; someone will sympathize and support you, while others will only pity or disapprove of your choice. In the end, it will create extra distractions from work and spoil your work time overall. 

Socialize at Work

Don’t act as a lone wolf at work. It will give you more time and opportunities for self-pitying and self-bickering. Opt for socialization instead. Choose team projects, communicate more at lunch breaks, attend corporate informal meetings, and so on. This will give you more space for social interaction, distract you from divorce, and let you become an integrated member of your work community. 

Care about Yourself

The divorce takes away a lot of time, so people often sacrifice their daily habits, meal plan, and healthy lifestyle. Working through divorce only minimizes your chance to stay healthy and care about yourself.

 But the truth is that you won’t manage through the divorce successfully and will have no powers to perform well at work unless you care about your physical and mental wellness. Sleep well, manage a healthy diet, do exercises, care about your mental health by practicing yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, etc., visit a doctor regularly. 

If you don’t believe you can find time for all the mentioned above, create a planner and to-do lists to fit everything in your average day efficiently.

Get Professional Help

Never be scared or ashamed to ask for professional help. If you hardly struggle to make things work with your divorce and job, get a good therapist to help you sort out your troubles. Once you release the tension and emotional burdens you suffer from, you will have the power and enthusiasm to perform better at work and finalize your marriage successfully. 

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