11 Tips & Tricks for Serving Homemade Cheese

Updated on April 11, 2021

Do you make cheese at home? Cheese is a super versatile cultural food that is easy to make at home. Isn’t it? Just a few minutes of preparation followed by a few hours of setting and draining produces some excellent cheese types. 

You will need the best slicers to make the best homemade cheese. Cheese sliced to the perfect thickness will give cheese lovers an edge. But what about serving the homemade cheese? Have you thought of any creative ideas to give your cheese an attractive appearance?

A fantastic flavor of cheese coupled with a beautiful presentation will make your cheese mouth-watering. Here are some tips and tricks for serving homemade cheese. 

Use glass

Try not to serve cheese on wooden or plastic boards. It is because the cheese will pick the flavor of these materials, affecting the taste. So, serve homemade cheese on marble or a clean glass to not lose its original taste.

Slice beforehand 

Slice cheese into bite-sized pieces before serving. You can use a glass dome-type covering to prevent it from drying out before consuming. If you do not like to slice the piece, do not forget to provide a cheese knife for self-service. You can also offer tongs or toothpicks for grabbing cheese slices quickly.

Freeze the soft cheese 

It will be good to slightly freeze soft cheeses like paneer or chevre to prevent them from ripening and separating. Serve soft cheese always from a non-porous container or glass. You can use a small glass bowl for presenting and tasting soft cheese. Keep the soft cheese under a cover when you are not using it to keep it cool and away from dust and bugs.

Use soft cheese at breakfast 

Do you wonder how you can use soft cheese at breakfast? Use a combination of soft cheese and fresh herbs to top scrambled eggs. Use fresh fruits and soft cheese to add toppings on waffles and pancakes. Reduce draining time to make cheese that is slightly thicker than yogurt. Stir it in fresh fruit, juice, or jam. Surprisingly, you can use it as a toast spread or to make a delicious bagel. 

Pair cheese 

Do you know that you can pair cheese with some delicious flavors? Cheese and crackers are considered to be a traditional treat. But if you serve cheese with wine or beer, provide bread instead of crackers, making it a perfect delicacy. Combine cheese with bread, nuts, and honey to get the best combinations. 

Combine fruits and cheese

If you accompany fruit slices with soft or mild hard cheese, then apple or pear will prove to be a great choice. The fruit flavors like grape and peach pair better with crumbly, strong, and pungent cheeses. But remember, fruit flavor needs not to overtake the cheese; rather, they should appropriately complement the cheese.

Add nuts and bread to cheese

Nuts add flavor to the soft cheese. Chop or steer the nuts into the cheese or slice thin and serve them on the side. Try bread like ciabatta or sourdough baguette and cut them into smaller pieces similar to the cheese slices to get fine delicacies.

Use soft cheese in sandwiches

If your soft cheese is soft enough, you can use it in mayonnaise and sliced cheese sandwiches. Toss the cheese in basil, thyme, oregano, black pepper, and sea salt with warm French bread. It will be a fantastic addition to pasta. 

Use cheese with vegetables 

Press the cheese for a few hours to make a firmer round cheese. Slice it up and serve it with cultured vegetables, sliced fermented sausages, and crackers. It will enable you to serve a complete mouth-watering meal.  You can even cut up fresh vegetables and stir or dip them in a soft or semi-soft cheese to make a delicious meal. 

Serve cheese at dinner 

You will have to drain an extra hour to get a perfect dinner serving. Use soft cheese to cover or fill a lasagna or casserole. Use it as a filling for egg rolls, tostadas, and even ravioli. While using cheese like cheddar or gouda, bring the cheese to room temperature before slicing to attain prominent flavors. 

Bake and pan-fry the cheese

Can you believe that you can even bake cheese? You can bake Asiago and shredded Gruyere with various nuts and seeds. It will give you cheese crisps. Likewise, Greek dishes quickly fry cheese to get a dish that is crispy on the outside and melted in the center. 


That is all! There are several possibilities to serve cheese by adding various ingredients together. Homemade cheese works with different flavors. Do try your favorite serving from the above list.  Eat cheese for every meal and make it fun. 

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