Using CBD to Unwind After a Long Work-From-Home Day

Updated on April 11, 2021
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Working from home has its perks. You can listen to your favorite music, exercise when you want, and you can cuddle with your cat on the couch while brainstorming new business ideas. However, working from home can sometimes be a lonely experience, and if you work from home, chances are, you’re working a lot.

WFH burnout is real. With long hours of work, a quiet house, and a lack of social interaction, it’s easy to get into a rut. Separating your workday from your evening routine can be difficult and 9-5 may seem impossible when your office is also your home.

Sometimes when you’re working from home, you need a pick-me-up, but coffee isn’t always the right answer. One of the solutions is CBD. CBD is a natural alternative to most pharmaceutical medications, including pain killers, anti-anxiety drugs, and even sedatives. But unlike those drugs, CBD is completely non-addictive and won’t make you feel tired or clouded the way many prescription medicines do. Instead, it’s a wonderful natural alternative to medication that can help you manage your symptoms and live a more fulfilling life.

“First and foremost, it’s important to note that CBD isn’t a silver bullet,” says Marty Sumichrast, CO-CEO of cbdMD. “CBD users get the most out of these products when they use them alongside everyday healthy lifestyles.”

Sumichrast notes that a growing number of people are finding success when they use CBD as a tool for workout recovery, as part of their stress relief routines, at bedtime, or to support their overall wellness regimen.

“That’s the thing with CBD; when it comes to its benefits, everyone can experience something different,” he says. “Given the ongoing research on CBD and an increasing number of promising studies and testimonies from around the world, we invite everyone to explore some of the CBD options we offer to find the best fit for their lifestyle.”

While there are thousands of CBD brands out on the marketplace, cbdMD stands out for several reasons, according to Sumichrast.

“While I think many of them have good intentions, I’d say that the vast majority simply do not have the resources to develop and manufacture high-quality, consistent products that consumers can count on,” he explains. “We’ve distinguished ourselves as a leader in the CBD industry by leaning on experts, exceeding standards for good manufacturing practices (GMP), and demonstrating overall transparency.”

Unlike many, many other brands, Sumichrast says that they’re committed to providing clear, accurate information to consumers.

“While others rely on hype, misleading claims, and exaggeration, we’ll always be the brand prioritizing education and awareness,” he adds. “Ultimately, we want to empower people to make informed personal wellness choices.”

No matter what brand of CBD you ultimately choose, there are a few things consumers, retailers, and wellness professionals should look for when evaluating a CBD brand.

“All CBD product makers should adhere to current good manufacturing practices and provide third-party verification,” says Sumichrast. “For instance, cbdMD’s facilities are GMP registered for Dietary Supplements through NSF International. In order to maintain that registration, our facilities are inspected on a yearly basis.”

Second, CBD manufacturers should always list their products’ ingredients in full, and provide test results from reputable, accredited, third-party laboratories for every product. You should always be able to match a batch number to the lab results.

“It’s important to know exactly what’s in the products that we put into our bodies, and that’s why we always provide test results throughout the entire production process,” says Sumichrast. “Finally, and this is a little more nuanced, anyone interested in CBD should look at how companies market their products. Any company that makes medical claims about their products cannot be trusted. Companies that make medical claims about their products clearly ignore, or don’t understand the risk this poses to customers.”

Using CBD for the first time is a nerve-wracking experience. You’re probably wondering if your purchase was legitimate, if it’s going to be effective, and how best to use it.

The first step for any new CBD user is to speak with their family doctor. There’s no substitute for a physician’s personalized, professional advice.

From there, Sumichrast adds that cbdMD’s gummy and capsule products are an easy segway for new users who are beginning a CBD routine. “They provide a turn-key way for implementing CBD into their daily life because both forms come in consistent, pre-measured servings. The primary decision that new CBD users have to make is their desired daily intake.”

Aside from these convenient options, there are countless other CBD products to choose from.

“For example, we offer CBD topicals for recovery and temporary pain relief, CBD tinctures for simple, everyday support, and even specialty products like our award-winning CBD PM, a unique sleep formula crafted with soothing herbs and melatonin for promoting better sleep,” says Sumichrast.

Dietary supplement regulations prohibit Sumichrast from making any claims about CBD as an alternative to medical treatment. And they never do so.

“This is a pillar of cbdMD,” he stresses. “Unlike other competitors, we’re never going to make these types of claims just to sell a product. Instead, we operate under the belief that CBD can be an integral part of an everyday wellness routine to help support and better maintain overall well-being. We see this in the feedback we get from customers and partners.”

For example, he says that the professional athletes they work with on Team cbdMD speak to the success they’ve had when using cbdMD products as part of their training recovery.

“Our customers constantly tell us that our products help them stay calm in the face of daily stresses, and sleep better because they feel more relaxed,” he says. “So we see CBD as a tool for boosting overall well-being, especially when used alongside other healthy habits.”

Some of the products offered by cbdMD include:

  • CBD Oil Tincture – 750 mg
  • CBD Gummies – 1500 mg
  • CBD Oil Softgel Capsules – 450 mg
  • CBD Bath Bomb Relax

“While they may be different product types, our 750 mg CBD Oil Tincture, 1500 mg CBD Gummies, and 450 mg CBD Oil Softgel Capsules accomplish all the same goals,” says Sumichrast. “The primary difference between these three products is delivery method and serving size. For instance, the tincture provides versatility. Meaning you can easily adjust serving sizes, use it in beverages, and even incorporate it into your own food recipes.”

Softgels represent a portable, convenient option for people on the go, or for those who want to integrate CBD into their supplement intake. The comoany’s CBD Gummies won 2021 Product of the Year for innovation in the CBD Ingestibles category, and customers typically point to flavor as their primary motivation for choosing gummies over other options.

cbdMD gummies, tinctures, and softgel capsules are all available in a variety of CBD concentrations, ensuring that there’s a good fit for each person.

“Of course, our CBD Bath Bomb ‘Relax’ is a little different than the others mentioned since it’s more like a topical product,” says Sumichrast. “We have six bath bomb options, each enriched with 100 mg of CBD and a variety of essential oils. Typically, we point to our Relax bath bomb as a way to enhance stress-busting routines, especially after a tough day.”

Sumichrast says that it’s also important to note that cbdMD focuses exclusively on THC-free* products.

“We know that many people are prohibited from ingesting THC in any amount or form, which is why we provide them with options they can trust,” he says.

Customer service also plays a major role in how they operate its business.

“CBD is new to many people, so it’s natural that customers have a lot of questions,” he says. “This is why we built a robust customer service department based in our Charlotte, NC offices. Our specialists are available 365 days a year to answer our customers’ questions, even if they’re just seeking general information about CBD.”

Accessibility to CBD is another point that they take extremely seriously. To that end, cbdMD offers a 30% discount to veterans and first responders, and a 40% discount to people who are legally disabled.

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*THC-free is defined as undetectable at the lowest level which can be consistently detected using valid scientific analytical methods.

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