Healthy and Easy to Cook Breakfast Ideas For Your Perfect Morning

Updated on August 20, 2020

Not all easy healthy breakfast recipes will make your morning perfect. You need something that rocks your palate, boosts your energy levels, and enhances your immunity. Also, you want an idea that you can execute within the shortest time possible, then you go to work or school. So here are healthy and easy to cook breakfast ideas for your perfect morning.

1. Egg, mushroom, and tomato

Mushrooms are low in calories and cholesterol. Plus, they’re loaded with vital minerals like magnesium and zinc. You already know that eggs are a great source of protein, and tomatoes are excellent antioxidants.

Thus, breakfast containing a fried egg, mushroom, and slices of raw tomato is not only easy to prepare but also highly nutritious. Note that magnesium is vital for relaxing the mind.

2. Banana and oats in Tahini porridge

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Don’t you think that great breakfast ideas must contain excellent sources of protein? After all, we believe that breakfast is an essential meal. Tahini is mostly made from sesame seeds, and it makes delicious porridge.

You can make Tahini porridge in ten minutes, then add some banana slices and a dash of oats in the porridge. Tahini will improve your heart health, and give you a nice dose of calcium. Note that this is also a fantastic vegetarian breakfast idea with no eggs. Then you crown your day with vegan toothpaste.

3. Yogurt-kiwi smoothie with some chia seeds

Are you looking for tasty breakfast ideas? Then you must add some yogurt to your menu. Yogurt is kind to most palates, plus it’s loaded with good bacteria. Add some kiwi and chia seeds, and you will have a delicious but healthy breakfast. Blending all these ingredients should not take more than seven minutes.

4. Banana-yogurt smoothie with berries

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You need bananas for your skin. Healthy and easy to cook breakfast ideas for your perfect morning should include foods that make your skin glow. Bananas and berries will give you that glow.

Put all the ingredients in a blender, and in less than five minutes, you have a healthy and delicious breakfast. You can choose between strawberries and blueberries, depending on what is readily available in stores near you.

5. Spanish omelet and berry juice

Do you want to lose weight? Add berries to your meals. In fact, eggs and berries are among the foods that will help you cut off some kilos. Berries are rich in antioxidants and fiber. Hence, some of the benefits of eating berries every day are great skin and fantastic digestion.

Spanish omelet and berry juice will take you approximately eleven minutes to prepare. Blend all the berries you have at once to save time. You can also add the tomatoes, onions, and capsicum to the beaten egg and fry everything together. Remember, the perfect breakfast recipe must save you time.

6. Oats cereal, milk, berries and banana

Some people want quick breakfast ideas on the go, hence the cereal, milk, berries, and banana idea. You can get a great oats cereal in a store close to your house. Pour the cereal into a plastic container, then add some milk and your favorite berries. Put the lid, and take away. You know how easy it is to carry a banana.

7. Coffee, toast, and nuts

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Another breakfast on the go! It’s simple. You have your coffee in a mug and some toast and nuts in your lunch box, and you can take your meal in the office. You already know that coffee is a fantastic antioxidant. However, do you know that most types of nuts are rich in magnesium and proteins?


Now you have seven healthy and easy to cook breakfast ideas for your perfect morning. None of these suggestions will take more than ten minutes. So you could be having the healthiest breakfast in the world and still make it to work early. These suggestions are also suitable for vegans.

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