Your Biggest Health and Wellness Questions Answered

Updated on December 11, 2021

With health and wellness on the forefront of people’s minds and amazing sustainable health products like the skin line from One Ocean Beauty or serum to help your eyebrows grow there are lots of commonly asked questions. With new headlines, articles, and trends everyday you may be wondering which ones are backed with science and if any of the new things you are hearing should be implemented into your daily life. Check out the most frequently asked health and wellness questions and their answers. 

The Most Popular Health Questions

There may be other questions on your mind, but these are the most frequently asked questions:

Should I go Gluten Free?

This has been a popular discussion and health trend for several years now. There are people who have celiacs disease and their bodies cannot process gluten and they become ill, then there are people who say they feel negative effects from it such as bloating, diarrhea, mental fog, skin irritation, etc., and then there are people who feel eating a gluten free diet is healthier. If you are debating this question then you probably do not have celiacs disease but may think you would feel better off of gluten or think you will feel healthier cutting it out. There are certainly intolerances to foods and if you think you have one to gluten, try cutting it out for a month or so and see how you feel. If you feel better than you may want to eliminate it or cut back in the future. If you do not have an intolerance then it is strictly up to you. Foods containing gluten are certainly delicious and do add nutrients to your diet. If you want to try this to lose weight, there is no need to cut carbs out of your life to do so, just simply eat them in moderation. Vitamins containing digestive enzymes can help too.

Is a Daily Glass of Wine Healthy?

A glass of wine with dinner is a common practice in many cultures that are known for great heart health and long life expectancies. A glass of wine with dinner is a common practice in many cultures that are known for great heart health and long life expectancies. It would appear this is healthy and who does not love an excuse to have a glass every evening. While there is some proof that it may be good for keeping away heart disease, strokes, and diabetes, drinking is not the healthiest practice. Drinking on a regular basis can increase your chances of liver or heart damage and several types of cancers. If you do not already drink it is not recommended that you start and if you do then keeping the amount to one glass a day for a woman and two for a man could be beneficial to your long term health. Plus, if you are taking generic viagra to boost your sexual activity, make sure to be mindful of your alcohol consumption too. 

Are Short Workouts Worth It?

Many people may feel like if they cannot get in their full thirty minute or hour workout then why bother. While the guideline for activity for a healthy lifestyle is thirty minutes a day, that does not imply it cannot be broken up or fit into your daily lifestyle. If you are having a particularly busy day, instead of beating yourself up over not making it to the gym, try parking the car farther away, taking the stairs, going for a walk after dinner, or doing a short little workout with a few body weight movements. Any physical activity is going to get your blood flowing, your body moving, increase energy levels, and make a difference in your overall health. That, combined with the health supplement MitoQ will make you get a ton of benefits from your quality workouts. 

How Safe is Tap Water

In America, we are blessed with very safe drinking water straight out of our faucets which is a true luxury that many people do not have. If you live in the city, your water is treated and is checked regularly for harmful impurities. If you live in the suburbs or a rural area you may have a community or personal well. There are filtration systems put in place to filter out any harsh minerals or impurities. If you ever want to check how pure the water in your area is, there are websites to check the quality of your water. And if you are wondering how often I should wash my hair, taking into consideration the quality of your water is equally important in determining the hair products you should use. 

Should I be Worried About Cholesterol in Food?

There are many things that contribute to high cholesterol and that does include food along with a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, and cigarette and alcohol use. There are plenty of foods that have high cholesterol levels but the biggest thing to focus on is the quality of the food. Eggs are high in cholesterol but they are a very healthy choice. Try to avoid processed foods and fast foods and choose foods with dense nutrient profiles such as fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains. If you really need to bring your cholesterol down then also taking a look at the other lifestyle choice mentioned above would be beneficial.

Is Microwaved Food Safe?

The microwave is a very practical tool in our modern world for heating up food quickly, defrosting, and giving us microwaved popcorn. The term microwave comes from the literal type of heat waves used inside to heat your food. The microwaves create friction causing the molecules within the food to move and therefore heat up your food. It is a simple, yet cool, little reaction that has spoiled us with quick meals. There are things that should not be put in a microwave such as metals or plastics so be sure to check that your dish is microwave safe.

Can I be Fat and Healthy?

There is some controversy surrounding this topic because there are a lot of preventable diseases that can be avoided or even cured with diet and lifestyle change. People who are larger are more at risk for several poor health outcomes such as heart disease, diabetes, or strokes. On the other hand, there are plenty of thin people who do not care for themselves, eat poor diets, and do not exercise. The best thing anyone can do is move your body everyday, take your vitamins, and make sure you are primarily eating whole and detox juice. And if you ever wonder which vitamins to take, do your research ahead of time! Even if you are still bigger, these simple lifestyle changes will keep your heart healthy, your body strong, and you might even lose a few pounds in the process. 

How to Cure a Hangover?

Everyone has heard drinking water, black coffee, pain reliever, a shower, and a high calorie meal are sure to cure you from the consequences of the previous night. While all of these things will help you feel better, the very best thing you can do for yourself is sleep it off. If this is not an option, then the above methods will help get you through the day. If your stomach is off, try eating bland foods such as saltines. Healist Naturals products can also help with nausea and even anxiety or depression.  

In Conclusion

You may have more questions on your mind, but hopefully these few answered questions were helpful. There is always so much circulating about health and wellness and it can be hard to know what is true and what is not. The science is also never settled and there have been many things there were thought to be one way that turned out to be the opposite. Always keep up to date on the latest research, eat your vegetables, and move your body.

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