Are You Sure it is Safe to Engage in the New Frozen Honey Eating Fad?

Updated on October 26, 2021

Every once in a while, a brand new unique method of eating some food arises, and it takes the internet by a storm. As of lately, TikTok appears to be guilty of bringing such trends forward. If you are an avid TikTok user, you must be aware of the iconic ‘sour patch grapes’ craze. Indeed, you can always rely on TikTok to bring forth some tasty food trends, but in this case, it could not have gone more wrong. 

Here’s a little context: on the successful video-sharing app, users have been enthralled by an unusual hack where you freeze bottles of honey (or water bottles containing honey) to eventually form a new concoction that is more of a hardened cold gel than a simple popsicle. However, those who have consumed this dessert experiment claimed to experience terrible digestive issues as a result. Dietitians explain that frozen honey causing digestive troubles is not a surprise. So let us get into the details of this peculiar honey-eating fad!

What is This Sensational Trend? 

If you are still confused by the trend, here is a brief explanation: this food sensation from TikTok is as simple as it sounds. You take a water bottle full of honey and freeze it for about 8 hours. This gives the honey a taffy-like texture, thus creating a squeezable jelly treat. The all-natural nectar sweet caught the attention of many as the hashtag #FrozenHoney has racked up more than half a billion views. In addition, many have added their twist to this challenge by creating optional add-ons such as corn-starch, food coloring and even powdered drinks.

Benefits of Eating Frozen Honey – Are There Any? 

A frequently asked question regarding every trend that surfaces: are there any benefits to consuming such a product? According to experts, there are a few! So, before you decide to dabble in the craze of frozen honey, make sure the only reason you are consuming it is not just ‘fun’ or that it might taste good.

Antioxidants & Prebiotics

Experts claim that frozen honey is an unexpected source of health-promoting antioxidants and prebiotics that prove to be gut-friendly (if consumed moderately). Furthermore, dietitians state that while it is true that prebiotics may prove to be fruitful for digestion and gut health, antioxidants help decrease the grave risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition to this, antioxidants are known to support your immune health. 

Energy for Post-Workout 

Grab a few tablespoons of frozen honey after you are done with your intense workout to feel energized immediately. It is a wonderfully nutritious snack that assists your body in refueling your muscle glycogen. It is essential for muscle recovery since honey contains a ton of sugar – around 17 grams per tablespoon. 

Hazards of Eating Frozen Honey – Are There Any 

As mentioned before, the biggest downside to consuming excessive frozen honey is digestive problems. As one can imagine, slurping frozen honey out of a water bottle may prove to be harmful to your health. However, the standard quantity of honey an individual must consume is no more than 1 tablespoon.  Here are some of the risks of eating frozen honey:

Empty Calorie Food 

Honey is significantly high in calories as 1 tablespoon serving contains more than 60 calories. This is mighty unhealthy but, it can be controlled if you refrain from sucking the entire bottle.

Blood Glucose 

As mentioned above, honey contains insanely high sugar content, so any individual with on-set diabetes or prediabetes should completely avoid this trend. Frozen honey can gravely affect blood glucose – even in healthy people. In addition to this, an imbalance of sugar in one’s diet can ultimately lead to chronic inflammation.


Like the several TikTokers who experienced upset stomachs, you are also bound to experience it if you overeat frozen honey. This occurs due to the high fructose content in honey. If you consume even less than one-fourth of a water bottle, you are destined to experience bloating, pain in your lower abdomen or maybe even diarrhea. 

Harmful to Teeth 

A potential risk to your teeth arises as well. Since frozen honey is a sticky substance, it may prove to be bad for your teeth. It is especially hazardous for those who have fillings as it can damage the tooth enamel. 

Bottom Line 

This viral TikTok trend may be a sensation; however, there are several healthier alternatives that you can experiment may get TokUpgrade updates just by visiting their website and check out all growth features for TikTok. If you keep the sweet treat in check, you will not face a single problem. Therefore, it is safe to engage in the frozen honey fad only if you do it moderately. You wouldn’t want to create a sticky situation, would you?

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