You Matter: Is This What Your Behavior Signals to Others?

Updated on December 6, 2018

YOUMATTERwithStatementandCopyright 1

YOUMATTERwithStatementandCopyright 1

By Richard M. Obertots, MBA, NREMT-P (ret.)

REMEMBER THE BLACKBERRY? WHO CARES…WHAT MATTERS IS YOUR BEHAVIOR WHEN YOU ARE WITH CUSTOMERS (This graphic may be dated – the principle it evokes is eternal)

What could be more disrespectful to customers than to take a call, text or even look at your smartphone in their presence?

What could be more disrespectful when with peers (who are also customers) than to ignore them when they are physically present and take a call, text or react to your mobile device?


Think about the message it sends when you are with others and you suddenly act as if their time and their presence is a far second to your mobile device.

Are you signaling to others that, “YOU MATTER!”

Are you part of an organization with a culture of undivided attention?

Or are you like less professional organizations that let staff ignore customers and peers each time a smartphone or mobile device signals or vibrates?

Your choice.

Better be sure your competitors are not giving customers and peers the respect and attention they deserve.

Better really evaluate your behaviors and those of your staff when it comes to honoring and respecting others…

Who Matters?

Want to differentiate yourself and your organization?

Pay undivided attention!


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Hi Rich,

One new thing I catch people doing, which is bothersome is checking the Apple Watch also. So, you go from people leaving their phone in their pocket, but in appearance, they are always checking their watch. This leads people to believe they need to ‘hurry up,’ because someone is watching the time when in actuality they are reading text messages or seeing who’s calling them on their watch.

Jason M. Jenkins, MA, EMT-P
Regional Director, Region II
Med-Trans Corporation

Thanks Jason!

NOTE: There are mobile device settings you can activate to be notified of incoming communications that are Mission Critical. Just wanted to clarify. Especially for those who are thinking every single call, text or Tweet requires ignoring customers or peers.

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