5 Daily Habits That Will Make Your Boobs Sag (#3 is the Most Common)

Updated on May 18, 2020

5 daily habits that will make your boobs sag

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The natural causes of sagging breasts are aging, skin thinning, and gravity. You cannot do anything to prevent these forces of nature from making your boobs sag. But you can definitely minimize the negative impact. Simply by adopting a few healthy measures! So let’s get to know the 5 daily habits that will make your boobs sag. Once you know what they are, you can mindfully get rid of them.

The journey to the south is under your control too. So don’t just choose not to do anything about sagging breasts. As humans, sometimes we don’t realize what we’re doing wrong. Until the right method presents itself before us! It’s only natural to make these kinds of errors.

You might also believe in popular myths. Such as not wearing a bra reduces the perkiness of your boobs! Well, that’s not completely accurate information. So read on if you want access to proper guidelines.

5 Daily Habits That Will Make Your Boobs Sag

These are the 5 bad habits you should totally avoid to not let down your breasts. Quite literally!

#1 High intensity/impact workouts

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Exercise and saggy breasts; are they BFFs or nemesis? Let’s find out!

Repetitive back and forth movements take place when? At the time of running or performing the same exercise repeatedly. Such motion tends to break down breast collagen.

But here’s the good news. You can prevent this tragedy from taking place. Only if you wear a sports bra! And not just any sports bra, mind you! A well-fitted, high-quality one is more like it.

Another thing you can do is alternate the types of exercises. For example, don’t run and swim every day. How about just running on Monday and then swimming on Tuesday?

#2 Sleeping/lying down on your tummy

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Nothing in life feels better than going to sleep on the stomach. It’s comfortable like no other sleeping position. Isn’t it? But here’s the ugly truth. There’s no other worst position, health-wise than sleeping on your breasts!

Boobs get pressed against the mattress at such times. For many, many hours that too! Keep this in mind. Also, don’t forget that side sleeping isn’t so good either. And that’s because it causes the stretching of your breast ligaments with time.

So what’s the best, and last, option? Sleeping on your back.

But if you still wish to sleep on your side, why not cushion your bosoms with a pillow? It provides a lot of support while you’re sleeping. What about acquiring a quality mattress? It’s also a wise idea.

It will solve all your sleeping woes and transform your entire sleeping experience. So, pick the right mattress for optimal cushioning. Besides, a low-quality mattress can make you wake up with a backache.

To avoid this, check out the mattress selection in some of the top-rated brands. For example, Nectar and Purple both sell great beds; with their wide assortment of superior mattresses, you can easily find one to match your needs.

#3 Wearing a bra 24/7

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Should I wear a bra or not? This is such a frequently asked question. At least in connection with how to fix sagging breasts!

Let me first talk about normal, regular bras. They consist of support that tends to weaken your chest muscles. The outcome of which is droopy breasts.

Now it’s time for me to talk about finding the perfect bra for sagging breasts. This type of a bra keeps your twins from bouncing around. The result of which is no stretching of the connective tissues.

So what’s the moral of the story here? Wear a proper bra. And whenever you can, take it off and let your boobs breathe a little.

#4 Smoking

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If you really want to know how to avoid breast sagging, this one is very important.

Smoking is a horrible thing to do to your body. But you already know that, don’t you? What you might not know is that smoking causes breasts to sag as well. It’s one of the most common of the 5 daily habits that will make your boobs sag.

And how? Smoking ages and weakens your skin. By restricting blood from reaching your skin surface! So now you’ve got another reason to quit smoking.

#5 Crash dieting

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The habit is a bad one on so many different levels. And not just for your breasts!

Imagine what your breast tissues go through when you’re constantly losing and then gaining weight. It’s only natural for them to become slacker. Much like your old pair of tights!

2 Daily Habits That Will Prevent Your Boobs from Sagging

You now know what not to do. How about getting to know what to do instead?

#1 Wear a proper bra

Bra fittings are an important part of the journey. So measure your size correctly to pick a well-fitted, comfortable bra. Cause nothing can stop a wrong size from changing the natural appearance of your beautiful breasts.

And the same applies to support in a bra. If the bras you wear are not supportive enough, you cannot keep your boobs from drooping.

[YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cy2VeYsUqlc&t=23s]

#2 Perform chest exercises

How about including some chest strengthening workout? When you exercise your chest muscles, they help in firming up your breast tissue. Such as push-ups and chest press.

So how to lift sagging breast naturally? This is the most recommended method to do so!

[YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZC4-EACNCg&t=8s]

That’s All Ladies!

Now that you know the 5 daily habits that will make your boobs sag, are you ready to change them? They are simple steps to take. Kicking the butt might be easier said than done. But you have to try harder if you care about your breasts and health.

So keep both the good and bad habits in mind. And don’t underestimate the power of chest exercises.

If changing these daily habits doesn’t help and your boobs are getting saggier with years, you can try plastic surgery. Just make sure you chose one of the best plastic surgeons in the USA to help you.

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