Women’s Health Information: Everything You Need to Know

Updated on May 16, 2022

Women nowadays are so busy and have a million tasks in one day, that it’s no wonder they often forget to think about their own health. From going to work to taking care of the family, everyday life can get exhausting and stressful leading to a variety of health issues. Here are the most important things every woman has to keep in mind in order to stay healthy.

Staying in Shape

Working out is the best way to prevent a wide range of health issues from advancing, 30 minutes (at least) of moderate exercise every day is a great measure in preventing unfavourable health issues from developing. Cardio workouts are excellent for keeping the heart strong; everything from walking and jogging to swimming and cycling can help a great deal. However, cardio should be combined with some kind of strength training as that builds muscle tone, strengthens bones and improves metabolism. Mixing up routines is a good approach, think about inviting a friend to exercise with you, it’s not only a great way to socialise but also a great motivator to continue exercising.  

Eating a Balanced Diet

Regular physical activity is just one of the pillars of a healthy lifestyle. Another one that cannot be brushed aside is ensuring to have a healthy and balanced diet. Good food provides various vitamins, minerals and nutrients that every woman needs. Fresh fruits and veggies, fresh fish, lean meats, whole grains, low-fat dairy and nuts are just some of the healthy choices that should be consumed instead of packaged and processed foods that are typically full of salt, sugar, calories and unhealthy fats.

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Consider Your Mental Health

A vital part of a woman’s overall wellbeing is her mental health and emotional wellbeing. Running around and taking care of everyone else can easily take a toll on the psychological  and emotional state. Many women are stressed out with responsibilities, which often leads to assorted health issues most often being; high blood pressure, back pain, sleeping difficulties and gastrointestinal issues that all indicators and (often) consequences of excessive stress. This is why taking time to relax and eliminating unnecessary stressors is so important. Meditation, yoga, exercise and other forms of formal and informal therapy are all approaches that women can use in order to deal with issues that are affecting their mental health.

Maintaining a Healthy Sex Life

When a woman starts being sexually active, topics such as prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and deciding on the best birth control methods are usually front and center. In addition to those, screening for STDs, pelvic exams and Pap smears are important. Later in life, other issues take presidance, for example, it’s not unusual for women (of a certain age) to have a reduced response to sexual stimulation, an inability to reach orgasm and/or have reduced sex drive, which is why some women opt for a female libido booster. Furthermore, a lack of natural lubrication and physical pain during sex can also occur in later stages of life. Seeing as how there are many benefits to regular sexual activity, accessing some assistance (products) to help sex stay enjoyable and regular, is a no longer taboo, but a part of everyday life. Talking to your doctor about the various options available is a phone call away. 

Getting Older

As previously mentioned, women’s health changes over time, given that the body needs different driving elements as it starts the aging process. By getting enough exercise and having a healthy diet, the body will start the aging process in a healthy manner. To ensure that this process remains ‘on par’ and in line with natural anatomical changes it is important that women reduce alcohol consumption and stop smoking! Moreover, the way their body looks (visible physical changes) is something that women take more notice of as they reach a more mature age. Spending a lot of time in the sun without sunscreen or using tanning beds can lead to spots, dots and wrinkles that make the skin appear much older. Changing these bad habits on time is important for a healthier later stage of life.

Preventing Common Diseases

It is important to know all the common health issues that women encounter during their life and take action in preventing or spotting them early on. This is why, aside from developing good exercise routines and having a healthy diet, screenings are vital. Women should check for cervical cancer by doing a Pap test every couple of years. Additionally blood pressure checks and diabetes screening tests should be done regularly in their 20s and 30s. Women in their 40s should have yearly breast exams, mammograms, cholesterol checks as well as skin and eye exams. Women over 60 should check their bone density and scan for various types of cancer. 

Women’s health covers many areas and all of them are vital for a woman’s overall wellbeing. If you have any questions, it’s always best to consult with your physician in a timely manner. 

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