Why Vaping is Healthier Than Cigarette Smoking – Things You Must Know

Updated on July 3, 2020
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If you’re reading this, chances are you are probably contemplating trying out an e-cigarette. Or, you’re probably a smoker who’s trying to make a healthy choice and decided to perform some due diligence on whether or not vaping can help you with that.

Regardless, this section sheds some honest light on the differences between the two and how one is a much safer version of the other.

Vaping Vs. Smoking

There has been this long ongoing discussion about whether or not vaping is indeed safe or at least safer than cigarettes. While we won’t talk about the standalone safety aspect of vaping e-cigarettes, we’re definitely going to look at it from a comparison point of view between vaping and smoking.

The thing about e-cigs is that they’re meant mainly as a harm reduction tool for those switching from regular cigarettes and want to slowly quit it using vaporizers instead of going cold turkey. 

Unfortunately, in strictly scientific terms, there seems to be a massive disconnect between comparisons made between smoking and vaping. Majority analysis talks about the potential harms of e-liquids in isolation and not necessarily in relation to smoking and how the former is the lesser of the two evils. 

In this article, we share an honest, unbiased opinion of just how safe vaping is (in comparison with regular cigs).

Let’s start by pointing out the fact that the Public Health English made it unequivocal in its findings that e-cigs are at the very least 95% safer than regular smokes. These findings came from the fact that studying vaping alone is only one side of the coin, mostly because it’s meant as an alternative to smoking. 

The Degree of Harm Caused

The #1 and possibly the single biggest difference between the two comes from the fact that unlike smoking, vaping doesn’t deliver nicotine by burning tobacco. It’s the burning and release of nicotine that links to an entire host of smoking-related issues. Vaping delivers nicotine by heating the e-liquids in a controlled and less harmful way.

While vaping on its own is not entirely devoid of possible harm, it’s definitely much less harmful than conventional cigarette smoking. But, you only see those benefits once you stop smoking or switch to vaping instead of going cold turkey. Of course, quitting smoking entirely should be the end goal, but vaping does lend a helping hand in getting started.

Quick Fact – According to the McNeill 2015; RCP 2016 Cochrane Review, there’s this general agreement that vaping exposes users to much fewer toxins than tobacco cigs. If you want to read the analysis of 141 studies, then go check out the 2018 Annual Review of Public Health.

Controlled Nicotine Dosage and Delivery System 

We won’t even argue that vaping doesn’t deliver nicotine, because it does. However, the difference between the two comes from how nicotine is delivery.while cigarettes would burn the tobacco and therefore creating a myriad of harmful toxins in the process, vaping does the same job in a much safer way, without burning anything.

Also, it’s hard to establish the exact amount of nicotine you’ll be getting. It’s generally mixed and would vary based on how much you smoke. With vaping, however, the nicotine strength is accurate and measured. It’s based solely on the kind of e-liquid you choose. Based on your personal preference, you can go with e-liquids with varying strengths. If you want to get hands-on quality e-liquids, we suggest checking out Big Daddy Smoke.

Quick fact – Nicotine, just like caffeine, is addicting in nature. However, it does not cause cancer. 

The feel of it

Obviously, vaping is not smoking. It’s not even close to it. But, the majority feels that vaping gives the identical ‘feel’ as smoking a cigarette. Those who miss just holding a cigarette in their hand and the residual reflexes linked with the experience of it find it comforting to resort to something less harmful after quitting smoking. The hand-to-mouth action alone feels identical and also gives something to socialize around other smokers.

Quick Fact – According to one of the mentions in the Cochrane Report, vaping offers a similar sensation like a cigarette does. The throat and taste sensations are identical to smoking.

Number of Chemicals

Tobacco smoke is unequivocally one of the most toxic things to ever consume. The smoke contains a cocktail of chemicals. In fact, a cigarette is supposed to carry over 7000 chemicals – 60 of which are known carcinogens. 

E-liquids contain far fewer chemicals when compared to smoking. Just the simple fact that you are literally cutting down on thousands of chemicals with one simple switch is reason enough for many to consider vaping relatively a much safer option. 

Final Thoughts

Whether or not vaping is safe as a standalone process is an ongoing debate. But, when compared with smoking, it’s clear that the former is a much safer option. There’s no arguing that vaping may have some potential harms associated, but as a harm reduction tool, it’s a promising one and definitely a healthier option. As we pointed out earlier, vaping is the lesser of two evils.

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