Why Pharma Can’t Afford Not to Work with EBM Content Specialized Agency

Updated on September 29, 2021

Creating Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) content is not an easy task. Many pharmaceutical companies struggle to make medical content both substantive and engaging.

The three pillars of Evidence Based Medicine
EBM assumes that solutions to medical problems are based on three pillars:

  1. best available evidence; 
  2. clinical expertise of a healthcare professional; 
  3. expectations of a patient. 

While doctor’s experience and patient preferences vary, using the best available data while medical copywriting and reliable sources in content dedicated to healthcare professionals is something that we should strive for.

The best available medical research

The amount of medical articles, publications, and guidelines is increasing exponentially, flooding the medical community with all sorts of healthcare-related knowledge. This wide array of information includes relevant data about diagnostic methods, prognostic markers, efficacy and safety of medications, and other clinically important issues. Collecting the most compelling evidence through a comprehensive literature review and subsequent evaluation of its significance is paramount while developing medical content for field professionals.

This statement is especially true for pharmaceutical companies that aim to create medical content in order to reach the medical audience. Whether introducing new medication, proving the safety and efficacy of a treatment, or explaining a medical issue, the medical writing content must always be founded on the most accurate and reputable data available. Only then will such content be considered relevant by the medical community. 

Why does healthcare need evidence?

Many arguments support practicing evidence-based medicine as a viable and successful model:

  • Creating protocols and summaries of the latest research helps clinicians stay up-to-date. 
  • Improved access to healthcare data also contributes to easy information sharing, connecting medical professionals from all around the world.
  • Exchanging proven information in near real-time and applying tested practices without delays reduces uncertainty and accelerates the decision-making processes.
  • EBM improves the transparency and accountability of the medical industry. Policies, guidelines, and protocols based on evidence that can stand up to scrutiny leave little place for guesswork. 

Since Pharma is responsible for creating copious amounts of medical content, the industry must provide high-quality health information. There is little room for error. Top-notch medical content created on the basis of EBM contributes to better outcomes in every way; patients are healthier and happier, doctors are proficient and professional. The result of thoughtful medical copywriting is a healthcare system that works effectively and efficiently for all parties involved: patients, providers, and payers.

Medical content writing 

Creating EBM content is not an easy task. Many pharmaceutical companies struggle to make medical content both substantive and engaging. Sifting through vast amounts of research to find relevant information and developing a solid reference base to provide professional medical content writing services is only the beginning. Writing medical content that is compelling, intelligible and well-written is the true challenge.  Very few individuals succeed in all these aspects when working alone. For this exact reason, we believe that only a team of medical professionals specialized in different fields can develop the highest-quality EBM content.

The more, the merrier – diversify your Company medical content

Brandmed, a medical media agency, offers unique expertise of trained specialists: medical copywriters, graphic designers, UX experts all working together to bring your project to fruition. A designated project manager will regularly and frequently consult with you to ensure that everything is according to your vision. Subsequently, our team of trained medical content writers with a considerable medical background will create high-quality content through an extensive literature review and meticulous reference base development.

All medical content goes through an in-house, two-stage, peer-review process to minimize the number of errors before we deliver it to our clients. Entrusting us with content development will ensure its high quality without the loss of your original vision. 

Let us take care of creating your medical content projects! 

All in all, outsourcing EBM content creation to medical media agencies is your best shot at creating messages that resonate with medical professionals and impact the healthcare industry. The question is not if you want to start working with an agency specializing in creating medical  content based on EBM but rather if you can afford not to. 

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