How to get an Australian visa for students?

Updated on September 29, 2021

In recent years student migration has become very popular. More and more young people are struggling to enter a foreign university to have a chance of staying in another country. Australia is not an exception. Today, all student visas are combined into one subclass 500. This has greatly simplified the understanding of student opportunities. Australian visa for studentsis known to be one of the most advantageous: students are able to live in Australia without a commitment to study all the time. Besides, the Department of Immigration allows them to bring their family and work in Australian or international businesses. This article will help you know more about the peculiarities of Australian students visa.


Student visa Australia requirements

There are several features that must be followed by everyone who is aimed at getting Australian visa for students:

  • To obtain a student visa, a student must be enrolled in a course that lasts more than 3 months. This includes schools, colleges, universities and various courses, for example, a language school. If the course lasts less than three months, then you can come with a regular tourist visa (Visitor Visa subclass 600). 
  • The maximum period for a student visa can be obtained is five years. However, if necessary, you can submit a new package of documents.
  • Both the student and his family members have the right to work in Australia immediately after the student has started his studies. The student has the right to work no more than 40 hours in a two-week period. The only exceptions are students of PhD programs and research master’s programs. They can work without restrictions.

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The procedure of student visa forms Australia registration

All student visas are applied online. However, there are exceptions. You may apply online by 2 ways:

  • By opening your own immiaccount on the Immigration Department website and contacting the department yourself.
  • By turning to a professional migration agence, through the immiaccount of the company.

Students outside Australia are required to apply with a proof of enrollment from the Australian Department of Education, which requires prepayment of tuition fees. Others, who are already in Australia, can apply for an Australian visa for studentswith a Letter of Offer.

A specific list of required documents for each individual student is calculated by the online service of the Immigration Department. Another important issue is the financial part. The student has two variants:

  1. You need to demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to cover the costs of your first 12 months of study in Australia, including 19,830 AUD $ living expenses for a main student in Australia, the cost of university/courses for the first year, student insurance and a round-trip airfare. If you are travelling with a family, you are to have 6,940 AUD $ for your partner and 2,970 AUD $ extra if you have a child with you (school fee per child: 8,000 AUD $).
  2. You can demonstrate that your sponsor (parent, partner, legal guardian) is legally earning at least 60,000 AUD $ per year. If you are applying for a visa with a child or family members, then you need to confirm at least 70,000 AUD $.
  3. The last option 3 is applicable for exchange students, look through student visa Australia requirementsto learn more.

Is it possible to bring your family members?

In Australia, all shades of names for degrees of relationship are denoted by one word: Partner. The student can include his Partner in their student visa forms Australia or submit a separate set of documents for the Partner if the student himself has already received a visa. The only requirement (besides financial soundness) is to provide proof that you are in a relationship. Usually this is a marriage certificate, a common address, common children, joint travel, a joint bank account, etc. 

You can also include your child in your application by enrolling your child in a public or private school if his age requires it. Some states give discounts or teach children of student visa holders altogether free of charge. So, for example, the average cost of teaching a child on Australian students visa is AUD 6,000 per year. Consequently, Australia is open for newcomers and the government is ready to help students and their families with immigration. If you do want to get a visa to this fantastic place, turn to a professional agency to fulfill your dream as soon as possible!

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