Why It’s Important For Healthcare Workers to Undergo First Aid Courses

Updated on April 21, 2022

First aid is a crucial aspect of medical care. Countless lives have been saved during medical emergencies, thanks to proper and timely first aid care. Healthcare workers are usually the first to respond when emergencies happen. So, the nature of their work deems the knowledge of first aid necessary. 

Here are five reasons why going through first aid training is essential for healthcare workers. 

  1. It Allows Them To Respond In Any Emergency Situation

First aid courses are requisite for any medical practitioner. These give them the proper knowledge and guidance to perform procedures during emergencies. Learning about first aid gives health care workers confidence to attend critical situations such as disasters and health emergencies. 

Several first aid courses are available online and offline. Companies such as LivCor and other online sites offer training for healthcare workers and other professionals. These are great resources for learning the basics of first aid. 

  1. It Hones Skills Beyond Medical Care 

Emergency situations are full of tension and panic. One of the roles of a healthcare worker is to stay calm and assist the family members of the patient. First aid courses also tackle the importance of staying composed in times of emergency. 

This will shape skills not only in attending to the patients but how to handle the concerned families as well. Healthcare workers must go beyond their duty of providing medical assistance. In crises, it’s also important to assist the relatives of the patient as they wait for in-depth treatments.  

  1. Allows Them To Be More Efficient In Triage

First aid courses also instill knowledge on how to properly assess the patient’s immediate needs. Healthcare workers should be able to evaluate patients and check for their vitals. This process involves observation and skill to properly determine the treatment needed. 

Skills like observation and evaluation are developed in first aid training. Learning these skills will make healthcare workers more competent and efficient in medical triage. It helps them determine which patients need urgent care and which ones have a lesser degree of injury. With critical situations on hand, a trained worker will be able to function effectively to save lives.

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CPR first aid training class
  1. Provides Them Skills To Prevent The Situation To Deteriorate 

Oftentimes, if patients don’t receive immediate care, their situation will get worse. But a healthcare worker’s job is to prevent that from happening. Through training, healthcare workers will be able to provide basic care to patients to preserve their lives. 

Some basic first aid skills that could be learned in courses are the following: 

  1. Gives Them Knowledge About Self-Protection

Healthcare workers are always in contact with patients that may be suffering from different diseases. This makes them vulnerable to health risks, but first aid training also teaches workers how to protect themselves in any circumstances.  

Included in the training is information about personal protective equipment such as gloves, masks, and shields. This equipment will guard healthcare workers against viruses and bacteria that may come from patients. First aid training also imparts knowledge in the proper disposal of used equipment to stop contamination and the spread of viruses. 

Learn more in this 3 day first aid course.


The main purpose of first aid is to save people’s lives and prevent them from getting harmed. Providing first aid care to patients is the very essence of a healthcare worker. It’s their duty to ensure the well-being of people, especially in unexpected situations. Thus, undertaking first aid courses is critical in the practice of healthcare.

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