Why Hemp Is Legal in the United States? Here are some insights to ponder

Updated on March 16, 2021

Hemp is one of the oldest crops with evidence of being cultivated 12,000 years ago. It was used for different purposes ranging from making ropes from fibers to floral buds for recreational purposes. Cannabis is the genus name of these strains. It was banned from smoking or any kind of recreational use till 2018. After the amendment of the final Farm Bill 2018, cannabis has been legalized with certain restrictions. 

The production of CBD Hemp Flower has increased manifold since then. Many new strains have been cross-bred and sold following the legal protocols mandated by the regulatory authorities. Let us take a look at the legal restrictions of producing and selling cannabis in the USA.

Farm Bill 2018: Legalization of Cannabis

The latest edition of Farm Bill 2018 dictates that cannabis can be legally grown, sold, and possessed only if the THC content is within 0.3%. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a group of compounds that has mind-altering or psychoactive effects. At least 113 such compounds have been identified by scientists worldwide. The law majorly restricts the production and sale of marijuana strains containing more than 0.3% THC cumulatively.

In the latest strains, the content of THC has been restricted by cross-breeding existing species. In these species, the CBD content is higher. Here, CBD stands for cannabidiol. This group of compounds will offer the same relaxation and euphoric effects but not the psychoactive or mind-altering effects of THC. In fact, CBD compounds have been clinically proven to deliver exceptional health benefits without any side effects.

That is the reason why almost all the pharmacy stores have legal cannabis products subjected to deliver medicinal benefits. All these products are developed using legal Hemp Flower strains. These medicinal products can be used for relaxation, as well as, to mitigate chemotherapy side effects.

If we deduce a conclusion of the Farm Bill 2018 then the following points will come under it.

  • Farm Bill 2018 has legalized the cultivation, sale, and possession of cannabis strains that have less than 0.3% THC content. Any percentage above this permissible level will be concluded as marijuana and will be illegal to grow or possess.
  • Marijuana (>0.3% THC) is considered to be a Schedule 1 drug and will be considered illegal. Anyone growing or possessing marijuana will be penalized as per the law.

Points to consider in cannabis production

A crop subjected as legal Hemp Flower can be grown but proper precautions should be maintained. Sexual reproduction or pollination can result in the formation of THC even in the THC-resistant strains. It is practically impossible to detect THC level until the plants gain full size or maturity. This unexpected pollination is a major threat when plants are grown in the fields. That is why a majority of the hemp production takes place indoors under controlled conditions. Major restrictions and invigilation make crop production a costly affair causing the price of CBD strains to rise.

After the controlled cultivation and harvest of the crops, the extraction of CBD is done using certain methods. There is no way of differentiating THC from CBD. If the THC content is high in the produce, it is most likely that the CBD extract will be contaminated by this group of illegal compounds. That is why many greenhouses practice growing only female CBD strains to avoid such issues.

The farms also consider the use of pesticides in a controlled way. These pesticides can find their way into the extracts. Even if a Hemp Flower strain is used for smoking, the trace pesticides and other compounds can reach the respiratory system and cause immense harm. In the same context, chemical solvents used to extract CBD compounds can also get into the extract due to improper practices. That is why the experts suggest buying CBD flowers and other products from legal and certified manufacturers in the market.

How is money made by CBD agriculturists?

A simple calculation suggests that an acre of land can produce at least 4000 full-grown plants. One plant produces almost 0.5-kilo plant parts for extraction of 75 grams CBD. This amount of CBD can be used to produce around 350 lotion bottles containing as much as 200 mg CBD. If you multiply, you will find that an acre can produce as much as 1.4 million lotion bottles.

When each bottle of Hemp Plant Flower extract is sold for US$ 30, the amount reaches as much as US$ 42 million. That is the future of this industry. It has been predicted that the hemp industry will reach an US$ 80 Billion valuation by the end of 2030.

Hemp has been legalized for medicinal benefits. It has no side effects when compared to the medicines used to tackle various physiological issues. It has been turned into a multi-billion dollar industry. In a nutshell, these are the reasons why Hemp Flower products have been legalized in the USA.

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