Why Do Businesses Need Loans to Increase the Working Capital?

Updated on April 23, 2021
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Business needs money for its operations, due to that business owners apply for commercial loans. These loans tend to increase the profitability of a business. When you are starting up or expanding your business, these loans improve the working capital and provides financial support during harsh times. Working capital loans help to infuse money in business operations without involving personal or business assets. The need for a working capital loan is for a short period, while some business requires these loans to maintain consistent cash flows.

There are two times when a business needs working capital loans. Firstly, during a new business startup, timely payment is necessary. At the initial time, the money from the sales is not enough, due to which business loan becomes essential. Secondly, when your business is growing and expanding. You need to fulfill all the cash requirements to finance the expansion of your business.

Other than banks, there are many sources of loans like public funds, Angel investors, or government loans. However, getting a loan is not as easy as it seems, you should have proper knowledge about the small business loan interest rates. Mostly the interest rates are between 3 to 7% depending on where you are applying for the loan. The interest rate also depends on the type of loan, your credit scores, and some other factors. If you are wondering “why do business need loans to increase the working capital?” then this article is the right choice for you because the following are some of the advantages of working capital loans.

Day-to-Day operations:

Business does have seasonal fluctuations. There is no rule that you will earn the same amount of money throughout the year. When things are slow, inconvenience can occur and quickly turn into a business crisis because you won’t be able to fulfill all the daily operational expenses.

There is also a time when unexpected expenses knock at your door and your business is going through a rough patch, making it impossible for you to fulfill those expenses. In such situations, working capital loans provide an extra amount of money to deal with these problems. Having a chunk of cash gives you confidence about running your business successfully.

Hiring new staff:

During the initial days of your business you might be performing multitasking, but with time it becomes difficult and you need to hire more employees. Unfortunately, every business owner cannot afford the expenses of hiring new staff that impacts the progress of a business. While hiring a new employee you own the responsibility of fulfilling the commitments you made to that employee. The working capital loan fulfills your commitments to your staff and allows you to hire more employees for performing specific jobs. The working capital loans reduce your stress by allowing you to hire skilled professionals.

Repairing of equipment:

The equipment and machinery can breakdown at any moment. The repairing expenses are not easy to handle, especially when you own a small business. Loans can help you in dealing with such extra expenses. Timely repairing of equipment reduces the downtime.

Availing opportunities:

Business sometimes provides you a once in a lifetime opportunity that you cannot afford to miss. When you have a working capital loan you can easily take advantage of situations like increasing inventory for holidays, updating product line, purchasing materials, availing vendor discounts or relocating your office.


Technology constantly requires upgrades to improve business operations. Repairs can work for a specific period, but to obtain significant results, you sometimes need to replace the equipment. With working capital loans, you can feasibly purchase or upgrade the equipment according to your individual needs and convenience.

Business progress:

No matter, it is the expansion of your business, marketing strategy, relocating, or any other operation of at every level you require cash. The business will only generate revenue if you invest intelligently. The working capital loans or commercial bridging loans fulfill all these requirements that result in a successful business.


There are plenty of sources for business loans but as a qualified business owner, you should be aware of all the options and information related to them. Read and understand all the policies and the interest you have to pay before applying for a loan. On time payment of loan installment is also imperative to keep the good reputation of a business.

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