Which vape to choose to start?

Updated on April 9, 2020

The vape has become in the space of a few years the most used and effective way to quit smoking. A success due to its functioning allowing to reproduce the sensations obtained with a classic cigarette. To help you successfully quit smoking, we have created a complete guide to answer all your questions and help you find the vape that suits you in your favorite vape shop. You will have all the cards in hand to say goodbye to tobacco!

It is important to remember, before starting, that the ecigarette remains a specific and regulated product. First of all, it is strongly discouraged for non-smokers. If you don’t smoke, don’t vape. vapes are also prohibited for minors. Finally, even if it can be considered as a tool for reducing tobacco risks, ecig is by no means a medicine.

What is an vape?

Consisting of a battery and a clearomiser, an ecigarette is intended to vaporize an e-liquid containing nicotine. This nicotine delivery helps to fill the gap linked to smoking cessation, as do the substitutes that you can find in pharmacies (patches, gum, etc.).

Although the origin of the vape is disputed, it is generally attributed the authorship to Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist whose first prototype was released in 2001. His device was then recovered, developed and improved by many manufacturers.

There are many types of vapes available today to suit all profiles, from the beginner to the more experienced vaper. The principle of its operation, for example the Dovpo x Signature Tips Mono SQ DNA75c TC Box Mod 75W, however, always remains the same: a battery provides electricity to a resistance which will heat e liquid to produce steam.

What are the different types of vapers?

We can combine all the vapes in three large families.

The pod format:

The Pod, also called Pod Mod, is a new generation vaping device. Often small in size, it is used to vape alternative e liquids like nicotine salts or CBD. Pods can also be effective with conventional e liquids with high levels of nicotine and little vegetable glycerin. These e liquids vaping at low power, the pods do not need a large capacity (battery, resistance) to be effective, which explains their small size.

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The tube format:

The tube vape is a tubular vaping device. Discreet and often small, it fits easily in a pocket. The vapes of this family consist of a good capacity rechargeable battery and a clearomiser, removable or not. There are indeed vape kits “AIO” (for “All-In-One”) where the tank is directly integrated. This format of vape is very simple to use. Little or no adjustments, the battery automatically recognizes the clearomiser and sends the necessary power.

The box format:

The vape box owes its name to its rectangular battery, like a “box”. These kits are more bulky because they contain either a very large capacity battery or accumulators (batteries) specifically adapted to vaping equipment and generally not supplied. There are “boxes” that can contain several of these batteries. This format allows you to vape longer but also to reach higher powers.

Which model should I choose based on my smoking profile?

To buy your first vape, you must first take into account your smoking profile. Depending on the consumption of cigarettes, there are generally three:

    Small smoker: less than 10 cigarettes per day. It’s recommended to use Dovpo Vape.
    Moderate smoker: between 10 and 20 cigarettes per day
    Tireless smoker: more than 20 cigarettes a day

With this key information, you can then browse the site to find the right vape for you. 

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