Can CBD Help Combat Coronavirus?

Updated on April 9, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the entire world, and with serious consequences for some of the people who catch it, it isn’t too surprising that people are looking actively for ways to boost their immune system to give them the best chance of avoiding the virus. In turn, it’s no wonder that CBD has been touted as a possible solution to combat the novel Coronavirus. But, could cannabidiol have any positive effect, and could it be the key to defeating the disease? 

Will Cannabidiol Boost The Immune System?

CBD use has become more widespread over recent years as increasing numbers of people report that it has brought them many wellness benefits. From reducing arthritic pain to improving mental well-being, CBD oil may help promote good health in a multitude of ways. However, can it really boost your immunity? 

While some users insist that CBD is giving their immune systems the boost they need, experts are urging caution. At the moment, there simply isn’t enough evidence to suggest CBD use can have any impact on your immunity. Instead, specialists are recommending that more traditional methods are used to support the immune system including:

  • Avoiding alcohol
  • Remaining active (even at home)
  • Decreasing stress through meditation practice and relaxation techniques
  • Eating a healthy diet rich in zinc, vitamin C and flavonoids
  • Getting plenty of quality sleep 

Can CBD Help In The Current Pandemic At All?

If CBD can’t boost your immune system, can it have any positive benefits during the current crisis? It certainly could offer one advantage for those who are struggling with their mental health during the lockdown. 

Many people already struggle with anxiety, depression and other mental health disorders. The current climate can prove to be especially difficult for sufferers who may find that they can no longer rely on the coping strategies that they have been using to get by. With gyms and sports centers closed, working out to improve mental well-being has become harder. The stabilizing routine of work and social activity has now fallen by the wayside. Spending time with friends and family members has now been outlawed – something that many people with mental health problems rely on to cope.

Even those who have never suffered from a mental health disorder in the past are now struggling to adjust to the unprecedented change in their lifestyles. Fears about catching the virus or the health of frail loved ones can become insurmountable, compounded with an inability to socialize as normal. 

This is where taking full spectrum CBD oil could prove to be beneficial. 

CBD And Mental Health

CBD has been shown in studies to have a positive impact on mental well-being. Although it isn’t fully understood why cannabidiol helps to reduce anxiety, it’s thought to alter the body’s serotonin signals. Since low levels of serotonin can cause depression and anxiety, it’s believed that CBD can help to correct the balance and, thus, boost mood. In these challenging times, taking CBD could help to give you some much-needed mental help to cope until lockdown ends and life gets back to normal. 

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