Where to buy a stainless steel work table: a guide to choosing the right metal worktops

Updated on September 2, 2020

Durability, aesthetics, and corrosion-resistance are the key features of stainless-steel furniture, without which it would be hard to imagine a business in the foodservice industry, as any catering establishment should have a sufficient amount of equipment and appliances that will become a valuable assistant for staff during food preparation processes. Stainless steel has so many inherent advantages that stimulate business owners to buy a stainless steel work table  and countertops:

  • material versatility: manufacturers use stainless steel for an array of purposes, offering furniture for food establishments such as mobile work tables with casters, build-in-sinks, shelves, etc;
  • one of the sturdiest metals: being the highly durable and strong option of metal, it easily withstands the wear and tear;
  • food safety is guaranteed: investing in a stainless steel work table, you will ensure a safe environment free from bacteria and microorganism; when dealing with acidic product compounds, it won’t rust and no stains won’t appear on the surface.
  • hassle-free care and cleaning: stainless steel as the most demanded material among food catering businesses has a proven record of success due to its easiness of cleaning and disinfection.
  • resistance to mechanical damage: no external influences won’t affect the appearance of the food prep table or destroy the integrity of its surface.
  • compliance with the meal quality: the stainless steel work tables do not enter into a chemical reaction with products, acids, liquids, cleaning detergents; therefore, it does not affect the quality and taste of prepared dishes.

It would be mission impossible to competently and effectively organize the cooking procedures for complying with ergonomic requirements and optimize space for facilitating preparation and cleaning practices without a stainless steel work table. It is the final factor in creating comfortable workplaces and a secure environment for the personnel.

Commercial stainless-steel table types and extra modifications for more convenience

Metal table tops come in a variety of sizes, shapes, finishes with additional accessories fitting the needs of businesses. Some models have a backsplash to prevent the liquids from getting on the wall. Most business owners pick this design to enhance the area sanitation and avoid accumulation and spreading of mold, fungus, and algae. Some options have a lattice or solid bottom shelf for extra space needed for keeping products, devices, and cooking tools. Adjustable legs will help to control the height. Such feet ensure the steadiness of the structure and also compensate for the uneven floor. Such upgrades allow implementing any tasks without delays, difficulties, and discomfort. Evaluate your expectation and select the most appropriate options:

  • Island workstation. A working top supplemented with drawers or cabinets adds extra storage space and cooking surfaces.
  • Casters. Heavy-duty work tables with casters will ensure not only durability and strengths but also mobility, making it easy to move around for proper cleaning of every inch.
  • Over-shelves vs under-shelves. Shelves allow keeping utensils and supplies at hand.
  • Built-in-sink. All washing activities are more convenient and faster with drop-in-sink.

Trustworthy stainless steel work table suppliers

Stainless steel isn’t the cheapest material. However, you will definitely save costs in the long run, as maintenance is simple and cost-saving. Moreover, you can forget about purchasing a new item, as stainless steel is a sound solution for years. Remember, the desire to save money on a table for your food establishment can lead to the most unpleasant consequences. More likely, the surface of the table will fade and stains will bother you if buying goods of dubious quality from unverified stores and suppliers. Also, corrosion in places of bending and welding may disturb you, and it is completely unacceptable for a surface in contact with food. Therefore, it is crucial to buy from the right supplier who will provide quality assurance.

If you are interested in buying professional equipment for arranging a kitchen in your establishment, consider the AmGoodSupply sales proposal. A stainless steel work tablewill last long enough, so the investment will fully pay off. Committed to excellence, AmGoodSupply delivers the quality that never fails in order to build a strong relationship with every client, taking care of their needs.

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