Slendertone: Are These Ab Belts Worth the Money?

Updated on September 2, 2020

While Electrical Muscle Stimulation has been around for many years, Slendertone is now promising that ab toning belts will tone your abs in just a few weeks.

They also claim that you can use Slendertone ab toning belts while doing other chores or even watching television. 

If you are looking to get your abdomen ripped and tone your abs, you must have come across Slendertone.

Then you are wondering if these belts are really worth the money, right?

The answer is yes. Slendertone ab belts are effective in toning ab muscles, especially when used regularly. Hence, they are worth buying.   

However, you need to bear in mind that these belts are not meant for burning off abdominal fats. The main focus of Slendertone belts is the abs. 

Slendertone works best for people who do not have many fats on the abs since they have easy access to the muscles.

Therefore, it is wise to combine a Slendertone belt with cardio exercise and diet changes to get better results.

How Slendertone Works

Many people wonder what the science behind Slendertone ab belts is. Luckily, it is easy to understand how they work.

As with other ab belts, Slendertone is worn around the waist and under clothes. 

Just like the way our central nervous system controls muscle work with positive and negative charges, Slendertone uses electrical muscle stimulation to result in contractions.

This ab belt emits electrical muscle stimulation pulses to your nerves to promote abdominal muscle contraction. 

In other words, Slendertone works the same way as conventional stomach exercises. 

Slendertone works the abdominal muscles, including the six-pack and transversus abdominus. When these muscles are toned, you achieve a flat stomach, strong muscles, and a reduced waist. 

What You Should Expect When Using Slendertone

With the widespread use of Slendertone, some people are still not convinced that these ab belts are beneficial. 

Perhaps, you are worried about using Slendertone because you don’t know what the outcomes will be. 

The truth is, Slendertone ab belts are efficient in toning abdominal muscles. 

A lot of testing has been done on these belts, and there are no adverse Slendertone side effects or dangers. 

Most people who use these belts give positive feedback since they are happy with the results.  

Here are some of the top benefits you will obtain when using Slendertone:

  1. Lost Inches from Your Waist

Despite that it is tough to tone ab muscles, Slendertone offers a complete workout for these muscles.

Using Slendertone for about 30 minutes in five days a week will promote a waistline reduction of 3.5cm after eight weeks.

  1. Firm Abs

This is the most common benefit reported after using Slendertone. Firm abdominal muscles lead to a flat stomach. 

Therefore, if you want a flat stomach in just four weeks, you can’t go wrong with Slendertone.

  1. You Look Better and Feel Great 

As your abs get firm and the waistline decreases, your stomach flattens, ensuring that your clothes fit you well. Hence, you will look better. 

This will make you feel fabulous, knowing that you have a flattering shape.

  1. You Feel Stronger

Slendertone will strengthen your internal and external oblique muscles and the six-pack.

After wearing it for about five to six weeks, you will feel stronger than ever. 

Bottom Line

Investing in a Slendertone ab belt is a great way to achieve toned and tight abdominal muscles. 

Nonetheless, these belts’ effectiveness will depend on how big the fat layer on your abdomen is.

Slendertone works best with a small abdominal fat layer. Those with much fat on their bellies should combine Slendertone with cardio exercises and diet changes.

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