What is Period Underwear and How Does It Work?

Updated on June 6, 2021

Period underwear is a type of pad that is designed to be worn as underwear. Typically, these underwear have a built-in pocket that you insert your menstrual cup or tampon into the pocket and have it sealed by another layer of material. Alternatively, period underwear can be worn without an insertable.

There are many different brands for this type of menstrual product, including NatraPanties and Thinx. This article will go through who should use period underwear, what they are best at doing and how they compare to pads and tampons in terms of cost-effectiveness, convenience, and health benefits.

What is period underwear?

Period underwear is a brand name for a type of menstrual product. Other brands include Intimina and Modibodi period panties. Some styles are also referred to as period pants or period boxers, and some brands have other names for their products.

Although there is some overlap, these products may be different from Depends style underwear.

Period underwear can be worn as an insertable, or it can be worn without an insertable layer. Both types are typically reusable and contain an absorbent material on the inside to help manage your flow. Some examples of this material include bamboo fibre/tencel, organic cotton and polyester fleece (drake).

Period underwear has the same benefits and drawbacks as a menstrual cup. However, you need to make sure that it fits well enough that it does not leak. The extra layer of cloth helps to keep your period from getting your clothes wet, but it also means that you may need to replace the underwear more often than you would a menstrual cup.

Who should use period panties?

Period panties are best for those who menstruate frequently and light-to-moderately. If you are looking for something more effective at removing blood from your body, pad or tampon use is better for you.

Period panties are also good for those who want or need something that is eco-friendly due to the reusable nature of the product.

On the other hand, period panties are not ideal for people who menstruate heavy and often. This is because they are only designed for light-to-moderate days. Some brands may have inserts that can be inserted into their underwear, but these inserts are typically only one size fits all or require washing so they shrink to fit your body. Because of this, if your flow is heavier than normal you may find yourself changing these inserts more often than you would period underwear.

How cost-effective are period panties?

Period underwear is a reusable menstrual product, so you only need to replace them as often as you would period underwear in order to be cost effective. This is typically every few months depending on how much you use them and what material they are made of.

When compared to pads and tampons, period panties are a more eco-friendly option for those who menstruate frequently and light-to-moderate. They can also last longer compared to reusable pads because they do not need to be changed if an insertable layer is used. However, they do require the purchase of new inserts if you use them without one, which can get expensive over time.

Are they convenient?

Period underwear is generally more convenient than pads and tampons. This is because a small insertable can be put into the pocket without you needing to unpack your bag. This can make it easy to throw into your gym bag or purse when running errands. Period underwear is also more discreet, as it does not contain any obvious signs of menstrual blood outside of the pants or skirt that you wear them with.

What are some of the health benefits of period panties?

Period underwear has the same health benefits as pads and tampons. They are hygienic, reduce irritation, increase absorbency, encourage regularity and have antibacterial properties which prevent bacteria from growing on your skin or clothing.

In conclusion, period panties are a reusable menstrual product that is best for those who menstruate frequently and light-to-moderately.

Half of all women will at some point experience stress or pain in their abdomen during their period due to heavy bleeding. However, this can be reduced with the use of period underwear which can easily be used as an insertable (see image below) or worn without one. Insertable periods underwear is a more effective way to reduce your period pain as it helps to prevent leaks and so you do not need to change your underwear as often when using an insertable.

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