What Is Corporate CPR Training and Why Does It Matter

Updated on April 23, 2021
What Is Corporate CPR Training and Why Does It Matter

If you work in an office space around other people, you should organize a corporate CPR training session.

Throughout the week, people filter into offices where they work for hours on end. Though the COVID-19 pandemic changed many work habits and lots of people now operate from home, office spaces still host many employees.

In an emergency situation, you want people around who can help. However, help requires training. What is corporate CPR training and why does it matter?

CPR Training Basics

CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, a medical technique for reviving an unresponsive person. The basic procedure involves chest compressions followed by rescue breaths.

Though this general procedure is simple and easy to learn, everyone must learn about specific applications and methodologies from a professional. If you do your chest compressions too fast or slow or too shallow or deep, you could harm someone.

Why Corporate?

It makes sense for medical professionals and childcare providers to have CPR certifications. But why involve corporate workers? Well, people still have emergencies whether we’re ready or not.

Crises do not wait for us to prepare; they simply happen without a moment’s notice, even at the office. People working in corporate environments are no less likely to experience medical emergencies than people elsewhere. The next time you wonder who should get basic first aid and CPR training, include yourself in the mix.

Widespread Impact

The more people understand the mechanics of CPR, the better people can respond in an emergency. When you learn how to do CPR, that knowledge sticks with you. No matter where you go, you have the ability to take charge of the situation.

People who sit at a corporate desk job go out to restaurants and home to families where others can benefit from their emergency preparedness. Learning CPR in one environment applies to them all, creating an undeniable, widespread impact.

The next time a colleague asks you, “What is corporate CPR training and why does it matter,” you’ll have an answer ready. Plan CPR training for your office with a local provider and move one step closer to a safe work environment.