Common Network Issues Your Business May Encounter

Updated on April 23, 2021

With the vaccine rollout and social distancing precautions, more and more offices are gradually welcoming back their employees. As the demands on your company’s network increase, you’re bound to run into some connectivity issues. Understanding the common network issues your business may encounter can help streamline your troubleshooting experiences. Read on to find out which problems are most prominent for work networks.

Computer Viruses

Without proper cybersecurity, your network becomes susceptible to viruses and malware. In dire cases, a virus can entirely dismantle a network and cause your business troubling amounts of downtime.

Viruses and malware exploit flaws in your software and its security, allowing hackers to rummage through sensitive company data. To prevent a computer virus attack, consider the following for your network:

  • Frequently run network scans to preemptively detect weaknesses within the software.
  • Utilize antivirus and anti-malware software to peruse staff emails for any malicious junk content.
  • Use a backup system. In the case that your system crashes due to malware or a harmful virus, you can rest assured your data is still accessible.

Inability To Connect With the Network

Wireless connections are a great convenience for many offices. When employees are unable to connect with the wireless setup, however, the upsides of a wireless network are compromised.

To nix common network connection issues your business may encounter, try implementing a wired network. Understanding Ethernet cables is essential to selecting optimal IT equipment that can best serve your company’s network demands.

Duplicate IP Address

If employees are receiving error messages that say “IP address already in use,” your business is experiencing what’s known as a duplicate IP address. This can occur when a system administrator or internet provider accidentally assigns two devices on one network to the same IP address.

The solution to this issue will depend on whether your company uses static or dynamic IP addresses. With dynamic IP addresses, users can typically have their system reconfigure a new address, while static addresses are often adjusted manually.