How Medical Alert Systems Improve Senior Health Care

Updated on April 13, 2023

Caring for an aging loved one can be challenging at times. There’s always a conflict between needing to ensure their safety, but at the same not limiting their independence. And since the possibility of getting into an accident or suffering from a serious health condition is always looming, you need all the help possible. Fortunately, there are medical alert systems or companionship services available. 

What is a medical alert system?

A medical alert system is an innovative and useful piece of technology. It’s a device used to alert family, caregivers, or emergency personnel with a simple trigger. The latest systems with the best immediate emergency response leverage tech features and sleek design. These devices are wearable and can monitor temperature, have GPS, and detect when the wearer suffers a fall. Additional functionalities are also available, such as battery backup and automated system tests. 

Do your senior relatives need a medical alert system?

Senior living doesn’t have to be restricted or difficult. However, it’s common for relatives to feel the need for control. In their effort to ensure that their loved ones are healthy and safe, they oftentimes compromise their independence. Since accidents and illness are a reality for seniors, a medical alert system can significantly improve their life. It will ensure that they have access to immediate care wherever they are. If you’re thinking about getting an alert system for your parents or aging relatives, consider the following situations:

  • They suffer accidental falls quite often.
  • Your loved one has problems with mobility.
  • They suffer from a serious medical condition such as diabetes. 
  • They recently had a stroke.
  • They have a heart problem or suffered from a heart attack in the past.
  • They recently had a health diagnosis that will likely impact their way of life.

Despite having obvious health concerns, aging relatives often prefer to maintain independent living. If you don’t want to worry about them all the time, an alert system is a perfect solution. It will help empower them to enjoy certain activities that they love, which will make them live a full life even at an advanced age. 

How to convince your loved ones that they need a medical alert system

Discussing the declining health of a loved one is always a hard topic to approach. Convincing them to use a medical alert system requires highlighting its many benefits. First, make sure that they understand how the system supports their independence. You may want to explain specific features, and how it doesn’t hinder them from doing what they love. 

Also, you need to convince them that medical emergencies are a real threat. You can use facts and data to help them realize that it can also happen to them. This way, you can support the explanation with how alert systems can prevent these serious emergencies from occurring. 

Most importantly, don’t force it on them. Take time to introduce the idea, explain the features, focus on the benefits, and give them options. The decision to use an alert system must come from them. Make it a point to support them, and wait for them to decide. 

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