What Is Cacao Ceremony & What Are Its Benefits?

Updated on June 15, 2021

Okay, folks, what I am about to say next might sound a bit weird and unusual to pretty much everyone in 2021, but I suggest you stick with me so that you can see that there’s absolutely nothing unusual about it. About what, you wonder? About the cacao ceremony that people are frequently participating in. Sounds odd, huh? Well, it shouldn’t, because there are a lot of both physical and spiritual benefits to cacao, as explained here.

If this is your first time encountering the term “cacao ceremony”, then I might be able to guess how you feel. You are partly smiling and partly rolling your eyes, since you cannot fathom the idea of people entering these types of rituals and really believing that it can be good for them. Yet, one part of you is extremely curious about the whole concept and I say you listen to that particular part and keep reading in order to learn more about this idea and stop associating it with weird and funny rituals. It’s much, much more than that!

What Is It?

Since you might be getting a bit impatient, I say we start our learning process right away. In case you’ve been to Bali at some point, then you must have at least heard about this ceremony. People usually participate in their first ritual on this beautiful island that has taken the tradition of drinking cacao to a higher level. I am sure that you will do the same once you realize the benefits of it.

Before we get to the benefits, though, let me explain what this ceremony actually consists of. Basically, this is a communal gathering that involves things like music, sacred circle, meditation, and, of course, ceremonial cacao. People gather together in a sacred space and perform certain heartwarming rituals that can bring them closer together, as well as help them achieve inner peace. If you’d like to get into the details of the ceremony, you can find all the info you need at https://www.breakfastcriminals.com/ceremonial-cacao-preparation-ritual-physical-and-metaphysical-benefits/.

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Usually, these gatherings are organized by one or more people who know how to prepare the cacao and how to conduct the whole ceremony. Still, this is not that difficult to learn, meaning that you can easily perform this ritual all on your own at the comfort of your home. If you’d like to invite more people to it, that’s perfectly fine, but the bottom line is that you can engage in this activity every single day all on your own if you want to.

All it takes is around 10 to 20 minutes of your time. You prepare the ceremonial cacao, prepare the designated area by clearing it with sage, then hold your cacao until you are connected with your inner self, express feelings of gratitude and your intentions for the day and drink the cacao. Of course, you can add music, dancing, meditating, or heartfelt conversations with your friends to the ceremony if you think that would be more helpful.

What Are The Benefits Of It?

When people first hear about this ceremony, they all have one particular question in mind. Why would you even do it? What are the actual benefits of engaging in an activity like that and is it all worth it? Well, let me start by saying that everyone most definitely believes that it is worth it and that there are a lot of both physical and spiritual benefits to it.

If you are thinking of engaging in this activity, then you want to know precisely how the cacao ceremony makes you feel, as well as what those benefits are. First things first, this ritual serves to help you rebalance the energies within you and restore good health. Cacao in itself can be great for your physical wellbeing, and it can, among other things, promote your cardiovascular health.

Additionally, it is also known for releasing endorphins and dopamine in the body. This can help soothe people’s anxiety and depression symptoms. In case it is conducted in a group, it provides people with an opportunity to open up to other individuals, share their hopes, dreams and fears, which can be great for everyone’s mental health.

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