What Does a Savannah Car Accident Settlement Cover?


Being in a car accident in Savannah comes with heavy costs for the victims—you already know this. You are probably missing out on work right now, and there’s a stack of hospital bills sitting beside your bed. You are trying to figure out how you will deal with these financial losses while trying to get back on your feet physically.

In addition to your physical injuries, a car accident can have you down and out emotionally and mentally. It’s as if the world is trying to pile everything on top of you to see where your breaking point is. If you can’t bear this weight alone, you can always distribute some of it by partnering with a Savannah car accident attorney.

It’s clear that you deserve a settlement for a car accident you didn’t cause, but how do you get a settlement? You must file a personal injury claim with the at-fault person’s insurance company, and you must win your case.

What Will a Car Accident Settlement Account For?

Your settlement should cover all of the losses you’ve sustained due to your accident. In many situations, you can even be compensated for future losses. For example, if you are permanently injured and will be unable to work, you could receive compensation for lost earning potential.

Here are some more examples of losses your car accident settlement should cover.

Lost Income

Lost income is a major loss that many car accident victims encounter. Their physical injuries prevent them from working, and they run out of paid time off. They end up receiving no income while recovering from their injuries, and they struggle financially because of it. 

If you’ve lost income due to your injuries, you should keep track of how much you lost. You can be compensated for lost income and future lost income.

Medical Expenses

Other large financial losses associated with auto wrecks are medical costs. You are probably dealing with hospital bills, cost of medications, outpatient treatment costs, physical therapy expenses, and many other costs associated with the medical treatment of your injuries.

Your settlement should cover every penny that you’ve paid due to a car accident you weren’t responsible for causing.

Property Damage

Of course your vehicle has probably been damaged. It may be fixable or it could be damaged beyond repair. Either way, you are going to be dealing with a financial loss. You can add your vehicle’s repair or replacement costs to your settlement.

Non-Financial Losses

Many people never think to include the non-financial effects of their accident in their settlement demand. You have every right to request financial compensation for the suffering you endured. You probably suffered physical pain, mental trauma, emotional issues, and lost life happiness.

You deserve to be compensated for your non-financial losses as well as your financial ones.

A car accident settlement should account for every loss you faced. You didn’t cause your car accident, and you should be compensated and made whole after the struggles you’ve endured because of another person’s recklessness.