Understanding the Non-Legal Consequences of a Criminal Conviction

Updated on January 21, 2020

So many people who are arrested for crimes don’t consider the non-legal consequences before making decisions on their case. After an arrest, you are probably terrified over the prospect of going to jail, but you may not be thinking about how a criminal conviction could affect your life in the long-term.

It’s important that you understand the full weight of a conviction before making decisions about your case. 

For example, many people decide to sign a plea agreement in order to put their crime behind them. They think they will serve a few days in jail, pay a fine, and the whole mess will be over with. What they don’t understand is that the crime will go on their permanent record, affecting their lives for years to come.

You may want to talk to a Fort Worth criminal defense attorney before you make any decisions on your case. In the meantime, read through this list of non-legal consequences that could follow a criminal conviction.

The Non-Legal Impact of a Criminal Conviction 

Job Loss and Difficulty Advancing Your Career

One of the major impacts of a criminal conviction is how it affects your job prospects. First off: you could lose your job just for being arrested. Many people do, because employers don’t like to have criminals working for them. They get nervous about liability, and they just don’t trust you.

Employers do have the right to refuse to employ you based on your criminal record. 

In addition to job loss, you could have difficulty advancing your career in future. You may not be able to get good jobs, or you may find yourself getting passed over for promotions. Your employer may not feel confident about giving you a position of authority, which means you may always be stuck working at the bottom.

Emotional Impact

Another non-legal impact of being convicted of a crime is how it will affect you emotionally. You could struggle with self-esteem issues, because you now see yourself as less than. You feel like you will never be as good as others, and you may constantly put yourself down. Also, other people may look at you differently, which can further your emotional struggles.

Financial Issues

Because of hefty legal fines and difficulty finding a good job with a criminal record, you could face serious financial issues. Your fines could set you back financially for many years. Because you can’t advance in your career, you may find it difficult to reach the financial goals you’d like to achieve.

Family and Relationship Difficulties 

Finally, a criminal conviction can cause tremendous hardships within a family. Your romantic relationship can become unhinged due to the conviction of a crime. Your family may no longer trust you, or they may hold you accountable for the other hardships and stresses you’ve brought to them. 

For instance, if you are dealing with job loss and financial issues caused by your criminal conviction, your family will feel this impact as well. 

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