Types of Evidence That Can Benefit Your Chicago Car Accident Claim

When you get in a car accident in Chicago and you know someone else is at fault, you must prove negligence against the at-fault party using evidence. Without evidence to support your argument, you won’t successfully obtain a settlement to cover your financial and non-financial losses. Evidence can come in many forms and knowing these various types can be helpful. 

Once you’re aware of the various types of evidence, you may wonder how to find the evidence in your case. An experienced car accident lawyer in Chicago can thoroughly investigate your car wreck and work with the police to gather any evidence available in your accident. Then, you can use the gathered information to support your claim in court and maximize your settlement.

Visual Media

Visual media such as photographs and video footage can serve as strong evidence in your car accident lawsuit because it helps the judge and jury picture what happened. When you tell your story verbally, the court has no way to visualize how the accident occurred. Photographs and video footage can confirm where and how the wreck took place and if anyone was negligent.

The Police Report

Although it’s likely that the police didn’t witness your car accident in action, they hopefully arrived soon after your wreck took place. The police report can closely confirm where, when, and what time your accident happened as well as who was involved. The police report may also outline what damage resulted from your wreck.

Eyewitness Testimonies

Eyewitness testimonies can be the key to maximizing your settlement. Having a third-party perspective of how your car accident occurred can be helpful to the judge and jury. Without an eyewitness, the judge and jury must rely on the stories of you and the defendant and both stories can be bias. 

It’s important to note, however, that you shouldn’t bring forth an eyewitness unless you trust them to support you completely. A bad eyewitness can do more harm to your case than good. 

Medical Documentation

Once you can prove negligence against the defendant in your case, you must also prove that the defendant’s negligence directly caused your injuries. For example, you may prove that the defendant was negligent and that you were injured in the accident but if these two instances weren’t related, then you can’t recover compensation from the defendant for your injuries. 

Your medical records will be an essential piece of evidence if you hope to win your car accident lawsuit. Without medical documentation, it’ll be hard to prove that your injuries resulted from the accident and the defendant’s negligence.

Get Legal Representation

Car accident lawyers are experienced in gathering evidence and using this evidence to maximize settlements in court. Your lawyer will investigate your car accident and pull out the evidence that’ll be helpful to your case. Without the help of a strong legal team, you may have trouble negotiating against the defendant and fighting for what you deserve.

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