Vivarium Labs for Oncology Research

Updated on July 19, 2022

Conducting carefully controlled medical and scientific studies requires a certain level of amenities and convenience for the best documentation of results. Transporting materials can affect the samples or subjects and degrade tissue even when stored properly. Managing materials and subjects during testing over the course of studies is another task in and of itself, but there are solutions for your research needs that cover all of your bases. 

The importance of a vivarium

No matter the focus of your research, a vivarium is a vital part of preclinical studies. Vivarium facilities are a very important part of early research studies, you can read the definition here:

Preclinical studies help determine whether or not substances, like potential new drug treatments, are safe for human testing. Contract research organizations offer preclinical oncology studies, focusing on treatments for cancer, and research solutions. From vivarium laboratories, or recruiting experienced and specialized staff to conduct research for you, taking advantage of on-demand labs that are fully equipped with whatever amenities your research may need is a wise decision to save time, as well as money. Removing the need for transporting materials and specimens cuts back on time and cost, as well as any negative effects from altering the environment or storage for transport. 

Prioritizing and centralizing your study’s needs

Utilizing different methods to analyze cells and their materials, flow rates, powerful imaging techniques, and microscopic examination of biopsy samples, these labs operate with every amenity and maintain a consistent public perception with strict regulations, policies, and protocols. Coupled with the expert staff available for recruiting, and even long-term retention for research studies, your project will be given the utmost consideration and attention to achieve the best results possible. 

Understanding the importance of things like mid-study protocol amendments, and proficient staffing can keep your research on track without concern for hiccups in the process. Experienced surgical and technical team members will manage the care of your samples or subjects under close eye and careful environmental control. Preventing any unnecessary additional degradation of tissue samples, this is an excellent choice for CRO for preclinical oncology.  By offering services like same-day drop-off and fresh tissue pick-up for post-study analysis.

Intelligent lab operations and educated experts on staff

Sites located in San Diego, San Francisco, and Boston, there are labs available in research hubs on both sides of the country, and offer on-site quarantine at each site. With the use of low cycling and careful management to avoid overcrowding, they reduce any risks that could arise for cross-contamination or the introduction of pathogens to the facility. They also have various cancer xenograft efficiency models in place. 

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Both staffed and equipped for any of your research needs, you will have access to IVIS imaging, histopathology testing which uses micro examination of biopsy samples and tissues, as well as the tools for flow cytometry that measure physical and chemical characteristics of a population of cells, as well as bioanalysis. Educated in both the areas of biotechnical oncology studies and pharmaceuticals, the recruited staff that will handle your preclinical study can be a vital part of expediting your results with care and quality. 

Be it drug screenings, comprehensive tissue collection and processing, data collection and analysis, or bioluminescence and fluorescent imaging, these well-equipped laboratories can provide for all of the needs of your preclinical study.

A positive reputation with accredited practices

Accredited by the AAALAC for their standard of safety and care of live subjects, you can trust the reputation held, giving the public a sense of responsibility from your company and the study it’s participating in. With PhD.-level guidance available to help with protocols and adjustments, assuring you the best data collection. With over twenty years of CRO-centered experience at your disposal through their highly educated staff, Explora labs can offer efficient turnaround time on study data. 

Operating within regulations and guidelines of OLAW for all of their laboratories, these locations are available on demand for immediate use. Avoiding the wasting of valuable research time by getting hung up on obtaining permits, finding enough square footage, and ensuring access to necessary amenities, you can streamline the study process and keep everything under one roof. 

There is more information about OLAW policies and regulations available on this site.

Protect the results and credibility of your collected data, as well as the financial interests of your next preclinical oncology study. Choose one of their three locations for the on-demand lab of your choice and select assistance from trained recruits contracted with the labs. With all of their equipment on hand, the various additional services they provide to maintain a high quality of the testing environment, and PhD-level guidance available to the staff taking part in the study, you’ll be set up to get the most accurate and efficient data for your research. 

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