Vaping – The essential truths that you need to know

Updated on July 11, 2019

We all know that cigarette smoking is injurious to health. It has caused chronic diseases from cancer to respiratory issues. The youth often gets addicted to smoking very quickly. They see their college seniors and juniors smoking on college campuses, and that starts the chain.  Curbing smoking takes time, and it takes many healthy practices. Sometimes, the habit of smoking needs to get replaced by a small dose of nicotine under doctor’s guidance. And this is exactly where vaping can help. Today, several companies specialize in vape pens and refill pods, which the youth uses as a substitute for cigarettes.

Vaping has become a popular habit amongst the youth and others as well. Today, there are various vaping products that the youth can choose from. To know more on this, you can check out six licks e-liquid. Do you or someone you know want to quit smoking and try vaping? Are you still unsure? If yes, then the following important facts about vaping will help you decide better. 

1. Vaping harms the body much less than cigarettes

The e-cigarettes today heat the nicotine, chemicals and other flavors for generating the water vapor required for inhaling. Standard tobacco has almost 7,000 chemicals, and most of it is toxic. The exact count of poisonous substances in vape pens is not measured. But still, it is much lesser than the conventional cigarettes. Hence, when you get exposed to lesser chemicals, it helps in curbing down your addiction to cigarettes.

2. You can buy vape pens from reputed sources online

If you want to start vaping, you will need a vape pen. Today, several service providers provide sleek and attractive looking vape pens. There are refill pods as well which come in several flavors.

3. It works gradually

You can’t expect vaping to work overnight! However, with time, most people who’ve tried vaping have been able to reduce their cigarette and tobacco intake to a great extent. And gradually, they have sought therapy and have been able to transform their addictions and have inculcated positive behavior. Most have opted in for positive practices for life.

4. Immense health benefits

Smoking cigarettes affect the lungs and the air quality that we breathe in. It results in burning eyes and cough. Vaping has shown a reduction in coughs and phlegm production that itself has added to the quality of life. It also gives fewer headaches, nerve tension, and recurrent breathing troubles.

5. Better mood and mental state

Staying away from a substance you are addicted to, creates abnormal impulses. It makes you irritated and vulnerable to emotional turbulence. Vaping quenches the craving to smoke and yet doesn’t add to the addiction. Hence, people are more calm and peaceful. Gradually, they do a course correction of their smoking habits and opt-in for proactive and positive life practices.

There are many other advantages of vaping over smoking! However, it is essential to check with the doctor and then opt-in for a vape pen and refill pods. When you vape under firm medical supervision, it is easy to use vaping as a tool to curb down smoking.  

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