Upleap VS. AiGrow – What’s Better For Getting Instagram Followers

Updated on January 22, 2022

Getting Instagram followers is the absolute minimum that anyone starting out on Instagram aims to achieve. However, the task is rather daunting, it takes a long amount of time to gain followers. In most cases, it takes even longer to gain engagement on Instagram. This usually makes users resort to conducting a quick search to find the best places to get Instagram followers. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, you can always use applications to help you gain Instagram followers quickly and get your name out there. Remember, growing followers using bots isn’t a good idea since you need actual human likes to observe and appreciate what you’re doing. With that being said, the following blog will introduce you to Upleap and AIgrow, two such tools that help with the same. Read on to reach a conclusion. 


Most people are familiar with Upleap. Upleap has lately taken the social media game by storm, causing a stir among other social media aficionados like us. Nonetheless, it’s certainly time to take a closer look at their service.

 In many respects, these managed Instagram growth services may be similar to anonymous pam bots, however, Upleap differs in this area. The difference being that in Upleap, a social media manager communicates with other Instagram users on your behalf. The manager does everything that you ideally would have, which is like, follow, comment, etc. Thus in a way you are outsourcing your Instagram activity. 

The most significant distinction between Upleap and other tools is that they employ a physical person to help you gain engagement on Instagram. It is one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers

Upleap, however, requires you to let a social manager log into your account. Obviously, giving your real Instagram login credentials to a third party to act on your behalf requires a certain degree of confidence — I imagine this would be a deal-breaker for many people. Your Instagram account manager will also watch your Instagram stories for you. This is something unique no tool has done before.  

Upleap provides a free 3-day trial with no credit card necessary. This is far better than other “free” trials that demand your credit card or PayPal payment information and then continue to charge you after the trial has ended. Thus the trial is absolutely safe. 

You must give your Instagram login details when you establish a new Upleap account. Yes, this is your Instagram login information. With this, you get started!


AiGrow is a collection of tools that can assist you in growing your account. It’s noteworthy since it explicitly declares that it’s an Instagram bot, a fact that many similar businesses try to conceal.

Instagram, as you may or may not be aware, does not permit the usage of bots. Several automatic tasks are carried out by the service. The essentials, such as likes, follows/unfollows, and direct messages (DMs), are included. You set the targeted parameters, and AiGrow interacts with accounts that match the criteria.

It also provides controlled growth and a variety of metrics that help gain engagement on Instagram. AiGrow offers unique features like All-In-One Bio-Link, Social Monitoring, and Post and Reward in addition to basic automation. 

For the more expensive membership, they also have specialized managers. One thing is for certain, this tool isn’t lacking in functionality. It’s jam-packed with choices and settings that you may change and edit. Hashtags, location, and account names are used to target users. If you like, you may even submit a list of account names.

AiGrow will show you the list it built before starting the automatic engagement. You may look through it to determine whether the profiles match your target demographic. If not, return to the settings page and make the necessary changes. This helps to maximise and truly gain engagement on Instagram. 

Upleap VS. AiGrow – What’s Better For Getting Instagram Followers

Coming to the real question here, which tool should you apply to gain engagement on Instagram out of the two? 

Starting with AiGrow, On research, it is discovered that the AiGrow startup is a rebrand of Tagscout, an Instagram-discontinued service. This is a huge warning sign.

Furthermore, all of the reviews on their website are bogus. This is likewise the case with numerous favourable Trustpilot.com evaluations. The bad ones appear to be real and include alarming facts.

Further, a number of users described how the tool operated until it abruptly ceased working. It didn’t work for some people.

Those users, even when they did not renew their subscriptions. AiGrow astoundingly continues to bill them monthly fees! On reaching out, Emails go unanswered, and the banks are unable to halt the payments.

To conclude on this tool, do not use AiGrow! It’s a branding of a firm that Instagram forced to close down. They have the ability to get you blacklisted, but that isn’t even the worst part. When you try to unsubscribe, as said above, you may be unable to do so. As a result, AiGrow will bill you on a monthly basis.

Moving to Upleap, it is certainly a better and safer option out of the two. 

Upleap is a straightforward service. It is one of the best places to get Instagram engagement.  No matter what field you’re in, you may buy packages of followers to add to your account using this solution. Customers have received over 75 million followers thus far, and the firm has received a lot of great response. Every bundle comes with precisely the same features. The amount of followers is the only thing that varies.

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