Understanding your Employee Rights to Feel Safe at the Workplace

Updated on August 19, 2022

Employment law is designed to ensure that the employee’s rights are protected at every stage of his tenure in the company. From hiring until the end of the relationship with an employer, he has these rights. Before or even after, you have joined a company, these laws and regulations can be written in the employee’s handbook or contracts. If you want to know about them in detail, it is highly recommended to contact one of the employee rights lawyers. They can clarify all your doubts and give suggestions for your problems.

Different areas of employment laws

Most employees believe that they don’t need to know much about these laws because they are coming to the office, working and getting paid. However, these laws are everywhere within the company.  Some of the areas where they are applicable include overtime, wages, leaves, health insurance, working hours, discrimination and termination. Whatever you are performing and getting paid for have been clearly mentioned in the contract. Many employees don’t read these guidelines in the contract and they sign the papers without reading them. 

Highlights of employee rights

To get the insights into employee rights, you should read the information below:

  • Wage and hour- The federal laws have set the number of hours as well as minimum wage for these hours. Every employee should be hired based on his qualification and work according to wage and hour basis. The qualification also sets the minimum wage that the employee should be getting. Moreover, if he is working off the clock, he should get overtime pay.
  • Safety at the workplace- One of the most important rights is to feel safe at the workplace. If your job involves special clothes and equipment to be safe, the company has to provide you and the employer cannot retaliate to the request made by you.
  • Discrimination- You can stand up for your rights if you are discriminated against race, color, religion, sexual orientation and nationality. If you are not given an opportunity to get promotions and higher wages, you can get in touch with an attorney to file a lawsuit.
  • Wrongful termination-If your employer has fired you on an illegal basis, you can contact an attorney and ask for an explanation. In most cases, the employer breaches the contract.

A company has to offer all the benefits to an employee based on state and federal laws. An attorney can explain them to you in detail. 

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