Transaction Data Systems Launches Clinical Opportunities Solution Across Largest Network in Community Pharmacy

Updated on February 25, 2023

Transaction Data Systems (TDS), the leader in patient-centric pharmacy solutions, announced the launch of a new Opportunities Nowenhancement within its patient engagement center platform, extending paid clinical opportunities to the largest network of independent community pharmacies. With over $20 million in clinical opportunities provided in 2022, this enhancement will enable pharmacists to diversify their revenue streams with instant access to more paid clinical opportunities than ever before within their system workflow.

The launch of clinical opportunities within the patient engagement platform is a significant milestone for pharmacies as it broadens their reach and extends access to new revenue streams as they work at the top of their pharmacy license. TDS is able to activate its network of 18,500+ community pharmacies with this program. Pharmacies have faced diminishing dispensing margins for years, and with this launch TDS has integrated all clinical opportunities and eligible reimbursements into one easily accessible, central, fully integrated solution.

“TDS is focused on the future of clinical pharmacy and providing new pathways to realize diversified revenue today within the workflow of the pharmacy. Our focus on connecting payor and pharma programs to enhance patient care through the simplest, most efficient pharmacy-enabled solutions is a win-win for outcomes, adherence, and profitable patient care,” said Jude Dieterman, TDS CEO. “We believe our patient-focused clinical opportunity platform will transform the delivery of care through the pharmacy and provide new business opportunities for the pharmacy to engage and improve the health of their patients outside the conventional drug dispensing model.”

This new solution is a testament to TDS’s commitment to powering care through pharmacy and advancing patient-centric care beyond the pharmacy counter. The launch ofOpportunities Now functionality represents a significant step in delivering comprehensive, reimbursable care in the pharmacy-setting that truly diversifies revenue for independent pharmacy businesses.

About Transaction Data Systems (TDS)

For over 40 years, TDS has been dedicated to the success of the pharmacy market and pharmacy supply chain. With its portfolio of products and services including Rx30, Computer-Rx and PrescribeWellness, TDS provides innovative patient-centric technology solutions and pharmacy management systems to the pharmacy industry. We proudly support the largest install base of pharmacies in the industry with systems in all 50 states and the Virgin Islands. TDS is the leading provider of pharmacy-focused, patient-centric solutions. For more information, please visit

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