Train Your Mind to Become More Decisive

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We make decisions everyday. From choosing where to eat to shopping for clothes, it is impossible not to get caught up in making choices that can affect our lives. 


It can get unhealthy, though, if you over analyze your options and either end up not making a decision at all or choosing the worst possible option. Either way, being decisive is critical to daily life, but how do you make the right choice without having to spend endless hours validating it?

The secret lies in the mind. That said, here are a few ways you can use your mind to make critical decisions in your life.

1. Not settling for anything less than perfect

Striving for perfection isn’t always bad, but focusing too much on it can be very unhealthy. Maybe you shouldn’t settle for “good enough” but your quest for perfection is just as bad because it can cause unnecessary anxiety and suspend critical action until it’s too late. 

So, the first thing you will have to do is to get rid of the concept of perfection and concentrate on decisions that bring practical benefits.

2. Keep stress levels down

Indecision doesn’t happen all on its own. Stress and fatigue can also disrupt your thought processes, limit your view of the current situation, and prevent you from making rational decisions. With this in mind, you will need to put your mind at ease before tackling a given problem or issue. Take a break from work or avoid stimuli that trigger stress. 

You can also do the things you love or visit a wellness center such as Master Your Mind that offers a range of stress-relieving services. Once you have taken the time to relax, you will find it easier to make sensible decisions, even for the most difficult circumstances.

3. Get help when needed

Most of us would choose to solve a problem ourselves rather than ask for help. It’s not that we couldn’t use help, but we feel like we know better than other people do. Often, it’s our ego that tells us we’re better off doing it ourselves when in fact we cannot do it alone. 

But asking for help isn’t a question of your competence as an individual. You need to develop a mindset that values the opinions of others so you avoid making a poor decision because you didn’t weigh all the factors.

4. Practice creativity

Painting, sketching, writing, and other creative endeavors give your mind a much-needed workout. These activities can help stimulate your brain, allowing you to create, analyze, and compare ideas quickly. They can also help you come up with concrete solutions for certain situations and gain critical thinking skills.

It’s one thing to decide which brand of orange juice to buy, it’s another to decide on your next vacation destination. At any rate, you need a clear mind that will allow you to make the right choice without wasting precious time and, along with it, opportunities.   

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