Topflight’s Whitelabel Toolkit for Digital Health Entrepreneurs

Updated on August 11, 2023

Are you a healthtech founder or a small practice looking for a fast and cost-effective way to launch your own branded digital health platform? If so, Topflight’s new whitelabel telehealth solution might be just what you’re looking for.

Their objective is to enable healthtech founders and small practices to build their own telehealth platform and get traction for their ideas at a quarter of the cost of custom development, so they can validate an idea with a proof of concept and even scale it to tens of thousands of users before considering investing into a custom coded app.

Topflight is a digital product developer that specializes in healthtech. They have helped create 25 venture-funded startups and raised over $200 million for their partners. They have also worked with industry leaders like Medable, Stanford Medical, and Dermasensor.

The idea of creating a whitelabel platform for the core digital health features was always an obvious one for them, but they knew it was time to dive into R&D while startup liquidity was on a downturn and founders everywhere needed a cost-effective solution like this more than ever.  

Roadmap: Pioneering Collaborative Development

“If you’re not first, you’re last” – famous words by Ricky Bobby.  Topflight believes differently.  They know they aren’t the first nor the last ones to build telehealth, but they believe they’ve found a unique angle by focusing on their hundreds-strong client base of digital health customers, which require just the right balance of patient-centric features and design, reduction of provider burnout, best-of-breed HIPAA compliance, and backend robustness which telehealth tools are oftentimes lacking (or they just require you switch to their new EHR, bleh).  

To achieve this, they’re integrating a mix of no-code tools, robust third-party APIs, and headless EHR solutions to achieve this blend of speed, flexibility, and compliance.  

To ensure the platform continues to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of the healthcare industry, they are committed to focusing on ongoing investments in their entirely health-focused feature roadmap.  Users have a strong voice in what features of the roadmap get prioritized next.

This means that even within six months, their platform will undergo significant transformations, and by subscribing now, you will gain access to these future enhancements at no additional cost. As their product matures, they anticipate raising their license fees accordingly.  Think of Tesla’s FSD when it first sold at $5k.  

Their product roadmap is featured publicly on their website’s page for the whitelabel solution. Click here to see the entire road map.

Cost-Effective and Customizable Solutions

While traditional custom health tech MVPs typically require an average investment of $75,000 to $100,000 for launch, their whitelabel platform offers a compelling alternative. 

With a $2,000 setup fee and a monthly cost starting at $200, they provide a fully managed hosting service that ensures HIPAA compliance. Furthermore, they offer additional customization options.

Unlike many off-the-shelf telehealth SaaS products, the flexibility of the platform is surprising.  One founder is using this to launch digital transformation for his psychology clinic, while another is using this to create a novel B2C concept with AI and enhanced EHR capability.  In other words, this platform is uniquely positioned to help founders achieve success on their own terms, from extra revenue for their brick & mortar business, to going for a 10x valuation and exit.  

Experience the Future of Healthcare Development

Topflight’s whitelabel telehealth solution empowers health tech founders, startups, and small practices to bring their innovative ideas to life with ease and compliance without the hassle of an in-house development team, the constraints of a SaaS telehealth platform, or lack of digital health commitment in the roadmap of other no-code platforms.  

If you’d like to see if this whitelabel platform can help you conceptualize and put forth the idea you’ve been kicking around but don’t have the funds or risk appetite to build out from scratch yet, reach out here for a demo:

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