Top Exercises to Ease Chronic Back Pain

Updated on February 19, 2021

Exercising has the power to strengthen the muscles in your back region. Ultimately, it prevents and reduces back pain and offers much-needed relief.

As the researchers say, performing exercises can improve the blood flow in the lower back area and may promote healing by reducing muscle stiffness. If you are suffering from back pain and are already exploring the internet for pain doctors near me, you are on the right page as we have brought you some relief.

In this blog, we have compiled the top exercise that can help you manage back pain in an effective way.

Draw-In Maneuvers

A muscle called the transversus abdominis is located on the side and front of our abdomen. It offers stability to the lower back area and spine. Draw-in maneuvers improve the strength of this muscle.

How To Do It?

  • Lie down on the floor on your back. Keep the arms and feet straight on the ground while bending the knees.
  • Take a deep breath in and when you exhale, pull the belly button as much as you can towards the spine. You should feel the abdominal muscles get tightened. Make sure to keep the hips still.
  • Hold the same position for a maximum of five seconds and repeat the activity at least five times a day.

Cat Stretches

This is the ideal stretching exercise to relax tendons in the back region and lengthen your back. 

How To Do It?

  • Get on the knees and hands. Maintain some distance between the knees (ideally the same as the width of the hips).
  • Push the back in the upward direction as much as you can. You should feel the pulling of the belly button in the direction of the spine.
  • Bring the abdomen back towards the floor direction slowly by relaxing the muscles. 
  • Repeat this activity at least five times a day twice.


Gluteus maximus is one of the largest muscles present in our buttocks. This muscle is used whenever our hips are involved in certain activities such as squatting or bending. 

This is one of the most vital muscles in the human body and bridges help it to be stronger. Eventually, it provides great support to the lower back region.

How To Do It?

  • Lay down on your back on the floor and keep the feet flat. 
  • Maintain the distance of a hips-width between your knees.
  • Lift your buttocks from the floor till your body makes a straight line from knees to shoulder.
  • Let the shoulders be on the ground and squeeze the buttocks as much as you can. 
  • Hold the position for 5-7 seconds.
  • Get the buttocks on the ground and relax for a few seconds.
  • Perform three sets of at least 15 repetitions per day.

Pelvic Tilts

This exercise can relax the tightening of the back muscles and promote flexibility in them. 

How To Do It?

  • Lie down the floor, keep the arms by side, feet flat and bend the knees. 
  • Slowly tighten the back and push the belly button upwards.
  • Keep it as it is for at least five seconds and then get back to normal position. 
  • Now pull the stomach in towards the floor and hold it for at least five seconds. 
  • Continue the same activities at least 25-30 times a day.

Lower Back Rotational Stretching

This is a great exercise to relax tensed muscles in the trunk and lower back. By working effectively on the core muscles, it promotes stability and strength.

How To Do It?

  • Lie down the floor, keep the arms by side, feet flat and bend the knees. 
  • Maintain the firm shoulder position on the floor and bring both knees to your right side. Try to touch the lower knee to the ground. 
  • Hold the same posture for five seconds and get back to the initial position.
  • Do the same on the left side now. 
  • Perform this activity twice a day and add 3-4 repetitions in each.

Lying Lateral Leg Lifts

This exercise helps strengthen hip abductor muscles which lessen the back strain by supporting the pelvis.

Weak abductor muscles mean affected mobility. Therefore, it is crucial to keep these muscles strong.

How To Do It?

  • Lie down your right side first and place the legs together. The bottom leg should be slightly bent.
  • Pull the belly button towards the spine to tighten the abdominal muscles.
  • Lift the upper leg for around 15-20 inches. Make sure it is extended and straight.
  • Hold the leg in the same position for a few seconds and relax.
  • Repeat the activity at least 10 times.
  • Now turn to the left side. Perform the same procedure at least 10 times.
  • Start slowly, but as you get pro in this exercise, try doing 3 sets for both sides.

Knee-To-Chest Stretching

This stretching exercise can lengthen the lower back. This results in easing back pain and tension.

How To Do This?

  • Lie down on the floor on your back. Keep the arms and feet straight on the ground while bending the knees.
  • Lift the right leg with bent knees and pull it towards your chest by using both of your hands. 
  • Hold the position for five seconds. Make sure your abdomen muscles are tightened and your spine is touching the floor.
  • Get back to the initial posture.
  • Do the same procedure for your left leg. 
  • Perform this for both the legs 3-4 times thrice a day.
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