9 Smart Ways to Find Guest Posting Opportunities

Updated on January 12, 2023

Guest posting by BABLII is an effective way to acquire relevant links to your business website from authoritative websites sharing the same niche. Guest posting effectively attracts the right target audience and drives organic traffic to your website.

While benefiting from services such as BABLII or Globex Guest Posting Services, your business will become searchable and competitive while your brand’s visibility will boost in your niche/ industry. The basic purpose of guest posting is to connect with your target audience and boost your website traffic by getting quality leads.

Decide Your Guest Posting Goals

Your primary task is to determine the ultimate goals of your guest posting. Knowing your respective goal ahead of time will make you select the right kinds of blogs to submit your guest posts. The typical goals of guest posting are as follows:

1.       Establishing yourself as an authority website

2.       Positioning yourself as a well-known business in the niche

3.       Obtaining traffic back to your website

4.       Building/ getting backlinks to your business website

You can incorporate all four of the things mentioned above within the content of the top guest posts. If you are trying to accomplish #1, #2, and #3, you will want to find bloggers/ influencers who have a wider target audience or follower base.

If your goal revolves around #4, you need to find websites/ blogs with strong roots, i.e., domain authority. You can find different tools on the internet for checking the domain authority of blogs/ websites. Knowing your goals in advance, you can better determine which blogs will work best for submitting guest posts.

How to Find Guest Posting Opportunities

While looking for opportunities to guest post, your main focus should be to find sites and blogs relevant to your industry or niche. To find the best sites/ blogs, assess them according to the following criteria:

·         The site/ content/ blog revolves around your industry/ niche.

·         The audience/ followers of the blogs have the potential to be interested in your products/ services.

·         The site’s blog posts have been shared on different platforms and include a comment thread section that indicates an engaged readership.

·         The blogger is active on social media, indicating that your guest posts will be more likely to be promoted on their site.

So, supposing that you are selling CBD seeds, you will want to look for gardening blogs or CBD health-related blogs with an engaged audience.

Search for Guest Posting Opportunities With Google Searches

While looking for the best guest blogging opportunities, it is recommended to start with Google. You can enter any type of keyword search, such as “guest post,” “submit a guest post,” “accepting guest posts,” etc. Such searches will find blogs and sites that accept guest posts. Make sure to add your respective niche to the query.

These types of Google searches will lead you to the respective guest post submission pages or to pages where other writers have guest posted. You can also use Google search to look up prolific guest bloggers, such as Neil Patel and Gregory Ciotti.

By adding the phrase “guest posts by” to the names of prolific bloggers from your industry, Google will reveal all sites on which the bloggers have posted upon. These are good sites for you to post guest blogs upon as well.

Analyze Backlinks of Competitors

You might have come across a backlink analysis of one of your competitors during one of your SEO campaigns. You might have also witnessed that your competitors have backlinks from their guest posts. You can find numerous online tools to assess the backlinks of your competitors along with the blog sites they have written guest posts for.

Conduct Social Searches

Many guest bloggers keep sharing their latest content on social networks. Twitter is amongst the easiest social media platforms to search for the latest guest posts related to your market/ niche/ industry. All you need to do is follow the links and see which site and blogs are accepting guest posts related to your niche.

You could also sign up with different communities of guest post bloggers and search for blogs that are accepting guest posts related to your niche. Being part of a guest post community also enables you to display your information and indicate your interest in writing guest posts for a certain niche. This way, bloggers can find you!

What to do After Having Found a Guest Posting Opportunities

It is important to note that you can’t just jump from finding a guest posting opportunity to contacting the blogger. There are a few things that you need to do before pitching a guest post:

Understand the Blog’s Content

After you have found the blogger you are looking for, you have to understand the blog’s content besides knowing that the target blog is featuring your niche’s keyword. To understand the blog’s content better, you need to understand:

·         Their target audience – determine whether they are beginners, advanced, or intermediate.

·         The type of target audience – if your niche is related to business, you will want the audience of the respective blog to be business consumers instead of a general audience.

·         The type of content – is it generic or specific and detail-oriented

See How Other Guest Blogs Are Doing

Analyze whether the guest bloggers are doing well on the blog. You have to look for different factors, such as whether the audience is active and comments or whether the blog posts get shared by the owner. If the audience tunes in only for the blogger, you won’t fare well if your ultimate goal is to build authority.

Assess Who The Guest Bloggers Are

Some blog owners are more likely to accept certain types of guest bloggers over others. Analyze the bios and profiles of a few guest bloggers to determine if they are fellow business owners, consultants, freelancers, bloggers, and so forth. Such information is vital when it is time to introduce yourself to the blog owner for your pitch.

Assess What Guest Posts Are Doing Great

If you want to ensure that the respective blog owner accepts your guest posts, you will want to write a guest post that sits well with their audience. Therefore, use their site to determine which posts have the most views or have been most popular on social media platforms.

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