Top Billboards in Houston for Healthcare Marketers

Updated on August 11, 2021

As the largest city in the state of Texas, Houston is home to well over two million people. If you’re in the marketing business, you know just how much business a population of that size could mean for your company.

If you and your business are in the field of healthcare marketing, Houston is a city that you should definitely look into for your next marketing campaign. 

Out-of-home media is a great way to publicly advertise your business. This type of media includes everything that your potential customers can see when they’re off the couch and out doing things.

One of the most popular and successful forms of out-of-home media is outdoor marketing; specifically, billboards are a huge avenue that many companies take to get their business advertised on a large scale. In a city as big as Houston, out-of-home media like billboards is even more successful.

Houston billboards are a great way to get your healthcare marketing business some serious exposure on a large scale. Here are the best billboards in Houston for you to do some healthcare marketing.

At the Toyota Center

Home to the Houston Rockets basketball team and previously the Houston Aeros hockey league, the Toyota Center is a massive arena located right in downtown Houston.

The Toyota Center has been around for 18 years, making it a well-known staple in Houston’s landscape. It’s a gigantic space with large windows, a huge below-level playspace, and plenty of exclusive lounges available. It also has some of the most comfortable seats in any event space.

Since it is so large and popular, it frequently plays host to many sports events, concerts, and other large-scale events. It’s also centrally located in the sprawling downtown area of Houston, a hub for the city nightlife. This makes it a phenomenal place to advertise your healthcare company on a billboard right outside or around the area.

Since there are such a wide variety of people that come through the area, this makes it a great place to advertise for any sort of healthcare-related business. This includes one of the many hospitals, doctors, clinics, or insurance companies in the greater Houston area, as well as other healthcare facilities or pharmaceutical companies that may operate on a national level.

Along the 610

Houstonians are known to spend a lot of time in their cars, sitting in traffic along one of the major highways that run through Houston. If you’re traveling within the Houston city limits, you’re likely to travel along the loop that runs all around the city known as Loop 610, The Loop, The Inner Loop, or just plain 610.

This street is 39 miles of prime billboard real estate. There are many places alongside this loop where your healthcare company can market itself to the masses. Billboards in this area are effective and cost-efficient and are sure to reach most of the Houston area traffic.

There are many different portions of this loop that you can advertise along, but no matter where you decide to put your healthcare billboard, you can rest assured that millions of people will pass by it each and every day.

Along the 45

Interstate 45 is a highway that runs nearly 300 miles through the state of Texas alone. It’s used every single day by millions of Texans driving to and from work in Houston and is home to hours and hours of traffic.

While nobody likes to be stuck in traffic for hours, there isn’t much you can do about it. One thing that many find themselves doing is looking around and taking in all of the scenery. This is where you can use this to your advantage. Billboards along this highway are highly effective since there are so many Texans and visitors traveling down this highway each day.

Healthcare is a great industry to advertise along this famous Texas highway.

Along the 69

Intersecting with Loop 610, Interstate 69 is another major highway that runs through Houston. It’s highly traveled by Houstonians and visitors alike who are getting around in the southern part of Texas.

As we have learned by now, highways are a great place to advertise your healthcare company service. Getting digital or traditional billboard space here is a great way to advertise in the area.

Get the Best Billboard for Your Healthcare Business

Whether you’re looking for marketing for your hospital, clinic, doctor, or pharmaceutical company, Houston is a great place to get billboard space to advertise for your company. These are the hottest locations to showcase the strengths of your healthcare business.

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