Top 5 Starter Gym Equipment For Newbies

Updated on August 14, 2023
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Exercise is something that most people can do, but only a few can achieve the proper way of exercising, which focuses more on specific areas of the body, like the legs, chest, arms, and many more. Moreover, exercise is not something where you can achieve your goals with just a day of doing it. That’s why the fitness industry’s goal is to help people achieve their target quickly with the help of gym equipment.

Gym equipment is created to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a particular exercise routine, helping you execute the proper method of doing it. Also, each gym equipment has different purposes and can be used by either a beginner or a professional.

If you’re new to gym equipment and exercising in general, here are some starter equipment you can use for your routine.


Dumbbells are essential equipment when you incorporate weightlifting into your routine. Fortunately, dumbbells are typical to a gym since almost all people who go there use them. It is because they are easy and versatile equipment best for beginners. Using this equipment, you can develop your chest, shoulders, and triceps.

You can either stand or sit as you do bicep curls, bench press, bent-over row, and other dumbbell exercises when using dumbbells. However, to prevent injuries, you can buy some wrist wraps from reputable shops, such as City Strength Pty Ltd, for a better workout experience.

Leg Press Machine

The leg press machine is primarily used for developing solid legs. This machine makes you imitate squats but seated, which can help you push the heavyweights around the machine without putting too much work on your knees and lower back. In addition, this machine will allow you to develop your hamstring and calf muscles.

As a beginner, you can start with ten repetitions per set and position your legs hip-width apart while lowering and raising the plates slowly. Make sure that the weight you will be putting in the machine is not too heavy to prevent injuries. To make sure, you can ask gym instructors for assistance in choosing the right weight for you.

Lat Pull-Down Bar

A Lat pull-down bar is a machine that creates a pull-up motion for people who can’t lift their bodies yet. This equipment can help you adjust the different weights to match your power. It also helps you push your limits to another level as you get stronger. At the same time, it targets your latissimus dorsi and biceps.

For beginners, you should go for 10-12 reps per set to help you achieve optimal results. Make sure your back is straight to have a good form during the exercise. Also, check the width of your arms as you hold your bar, and don’t pull it down excessively to prevent potential injuries.

If you’re looking to add variety to your routine, incorporating workout cables can offer alternative resistance exercises that complement the pull-down motion. These cables are versatile and can be used to work various muscles, adding depth to your overall training.

Ergometer(Rowing Machine)

An ergometer, known as a rowing machine, can help you train your pulling power. To give you an idea of it, you’re like rowing a boat in constant repetition, similar to the dragon boat sport. Aside from that, it also strengthens your body and endurance. This equipment can train your hamstring, lats, and core.

An ergometer can be scary for a beginner since it requires a large amount of power to pull. If you’re intimidated, don’t be afraid. There’s a trick to do it quickly and effectively. You should push your legs first and lean backward past your pelvis. Also, make sure your damper settings are not set too high as they can be too heavy for a first-timer.

Chest Press Machine

A chest press machine tends to imitate a push-up. The only difference is you are using weights instead of your body weight. This equipment would be enough to provide you with strength that you could use in future workouts. It is used mainly by athletes in badminton, swimming, and tennis, as it develops muscle tissues and strength.

To use this equipment, you should position your arms farther than shoulder-width apart with an up and down motion, similar to push up. To prevent injuries and attain effectiveness, make sure you execute a full range motion during chest press to develop those tissues in your muscles. Another thing to remember is not to bend your wrist as it can cause injury if done repetitively. 


Those are some of the gym equipment you can start as a beginner. It can be tiring, but not only will it develop your body to be fit and healthy, but it’s also a fun activity to do. Of course, you can still try other gym equipment, but as a beginner, it’ll help if you try the examples above before moving to gym equipment of a higher level. Lastly, take note of some of the common mistakes in using gym equipment to keep you safe from risks and injuries.

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