Home Loan Advice for Professionals

Updated on May 2, 2022

Not everyone is comfortable spending a hefty amount of money buying a home. Financial instability and many other significant factors may bar us from owning our own homes. Professionals who do not want to spend a lot of money buying a home can obtain a home loan to have a convenient experience. This article will help you learn about home loan and tips to understand your home loan eligibility as well. We promise; it will help you. 

Scout For The Best Bank 

Today, there are numerous banks ready to provide home loans to you. However, it is mandatory to think carefully before you pick a specific bank. Ensure that the bank you scout for has excellent customer reviews and ratings. This will help you identify the genuine service they offer and what you can expect from them. If banks are ready to deliver doorstep services, they can be even better to opt for. Apart from this, also focus on the banks providing the most nominal rates to you. 

Examine The Prepayment Charges of a Home Loan 

If you can put your hands on a bank that lets you prepay your loan without enough hindrance, do not let that opportunity slip off your hands. Also, speak to the bank regarding the foreclosure charges so that you are not left confused once the process is confirmed. Costs may sometimes differ from 1% to 3%. As such, it is an excellent practice to be particular about it. You could also look into whether you wish to grab an interest-saver or intelligent loan. 

But you need to carefully consider a few things before you decide to prepay your home loan. The simple question that you need to ask yourself is whether the interest rate you are paying is too high. You also need to compare the home loan interest rate after deducting your  tax savings. Compare the tax savings with expected returns from long-term investments like fixed deposits. Fixed deposits have a known interest rate which is often lower than your home loan interest rate. 

Another factor to consider while prepaying your home loan is whether you want to reduce the loan tenure or EMI amount. If you wish to keep the EMI amount the same, your loan tenure will decrease significantly. On the other hand, keeping the tenure unchanged will reduce your EMI. Since owning a debt-free house is an emotional satisfaction for most people, reducing the tenure by keeping the EMI amount same is a wise approach. 

Determine Property Approval Status 

The property you wish to get must be registered under the seller’s name. If the property is self-constructed, it is significant for a map plan to be at hand. Apart from this, a few banks will fund nearly 150% of the registry amount to 75% of the value of the market. You must also know that banks do not allow the funding of properties in Gram Panchayat vicinities in most cases. As such, you have to be careful about the moves you make. 

Calculate The Home Loan EMI

Now, you might desire to keep in mind that there is no point in running for the most extended tenure loan. If you wish to increase the eligibility and decrease the EMI, think wisely. It would help determine the cost that you will ultimately need to incur while you obtain the home loan. Use a good home loan EMI calculator and study the subject vividly. Take your decision accordingly. If you continue to face any errors, do not hesitate to speak to a financial specialist near you. It is bound to help.

You can opt for an interest-only home loan facility which is available for new as well as existing home loan customers. In an interest-only home loan facility, the borrower will be required to pay interest on the principal outstanding amount. Moreover, the interest needs to be paid only for a limited time during the loan tenure. During the ‘interest-only period,’ the principal amount is not deducted from the borrower. 

Winding Up!

If you are also a student or a professional looking to grab a potential home loan, make sure you rely on reputed banks for this purpose. Also, do not forget to check out other pointers to remain on the safe end. It is bound to come to your rescue in need. 

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